mcMMO Multiplier 1.1.4

mcMMO Experience Multipliers!

  1. Configuration Changes & New view applied ability


    You can now view all current active multipliers that apply to you. If you have any individual multipliers only you will see them. You will see all global multipliers. These can be viewed with,

    Command: /mcmmomultiplier applied

    Permission: mcmmomultiplier.applied


    You will need to reset your configuration or make these changes manually. The item configuration for the GUIs has been updated and now uses a new parser.

    Code (YAML):
    icon: MAGMA
    : 0

    now will be:
    Code (YAML):
    icon: MAGMA;0
    this also applies for any other items. There is also a new configuration section for the new applied multipliers gui.

    Originally, you could not specify the duration in the multiplier announcements, now you can with %duration%.

    There are also some new messages that apply to the applied multipliers.

    You can view the new configuration and compare changes on the main resource page.
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