mcMMO - Webstats 2016 Update a0.3

An update to a very cool web based extension for the plugin "mcMMO"

  1. 7r580
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Allows you to display your mcMMO stats on your website!

    We updated some of the code in the original mcMMO - Webstats 1.0 by 123_felix_321 as we were getting multiple mysql errors and the original author has stated he's taking a break from this amazing project. Original resource here:

    We take NO claim to this code what so ever. We did not write it, all we did was look at the errors that the code was giving us and repaired them to the best of our ability. Thank you 123_felix_321 for an amazing job on your original!

    Things that don't work in this updated code:

    1. Search Players did not work so we removed it.

    Everything else seems to work ok in current tests so we're releasing this in alpha stage meaning, there could be problems. We do not recommend you change anything in config.php except the database information, as some of those features that were turned on were part of the errors we received.

    Just download and edit /config/config.php to add the same MySQL database information that you are using within mcMMO.

    Tested with mcMMO on Spigot 1.9.2.

    Demo available at
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Recent Reviews

  1. DigitalHunter93
    Version: a0.3
    Great plugin tho it has very little functions. Will you be making more updates ? Search Player function for an example ? Or Player stats, Player classes, Player Skills, for Admin Only Player Inventories & SkillPoints remaining ? Also Icons ( for Players/Players Skills/Player Classes/ Player Inventory ? And i have lots of ideas for this..
  2. Daeley
    Version: a0.3
    Very nice man! i had to add "error_reporting(0);" in functions.php & to disable the NOTICE messages. (maybe add it in there?)
    Everything else is working fine!!
    1. 7r580
      Author's Response
      Oh were you getting an error log too? I just noticed that lol. I'll update the resource, thanks for the info!! :)