McMMO Withdraw [Now supports Vault] 1.4

Withdraw your McMMO credits, Skill levels and Money on note.

  1. NEW!! /Withdraw money- now supports vault!

    This update contains a couple file changes.
    It's recommended to backup old config and get deafult one.

    Added support for vault. Now you can withdraw money onto note

    Use command: /withdraw...
  2. Added customization over the item used to withdraw

    Small update due to user requests

    - Added customization over the item used to withdraw
    - While I was working on that, cleaned some unused code

    Backup, delete old config in order to update this version or simply add new line under note

    Code (Text):
      material: PAPER
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  3. Added support for GuiRedeemMcmmo plugin

    Due to many requests from users i added support for GuiRedeemMcmmo plugin in this update. You can check plugin here.

    Now you have versions of McMMOWithdraw that works with both GuiRedeemMcmmo and RedeemableMCMMO.

    Thank you all, cheers!
  4. Added command aliases

    Added some aliases due to request from users.

    Aliases for /mcmmowithdraw:
    - /mw
    - /mwithdraw

    Aliases for /mcmmoreload:
    - /mreload
    - /mwreload
  5. RedeemableMCMMO versions!

    In order to use McMMOWithdraw plugin use this version of RedeemableMCMMO (click here), until i update to the latest version.

    You can use any version except latest.

    Thank you! Cheers!