McMMOHorses 4.3.10

An mcMMO themed plugin for horse role-playing.

  1. zombie_striker
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    McMMOHorses is a plugin that add new abilities to horses. You can claim, name, summon, and level up abilities for your horse.

    • Swiftness - Increases the speed of your horse
    • Agility - Increases the change of dodging attacks
    • Vitality - Increases the health of your horse
    • Wrath - Temporarily disables damage and increases speed
    (Type /h <skill-name> for more info)


    • SQLite support
    • Summon/banish horses
    • Horse ownership (protection configurable)
    • Horse skills/abilities
    • Multiple horses
    • Horse claim/buy/sell (Vault)
    • Horse scoreboard
    • More config options
    • More admin commands
    • More permissions
    • Horse Races integration
    • Skill leaderboard
    - Currently Available - Will be available soon
    Getting started
    • To get started, claim a horse by taming it and giving it a saddle. Then, while riding it, use /h claim.
    • To level up your horse stats, ride for long distances for a Swiftness increase. To increase it's health, wrath, or agility, let your horse take damage.
    • To heal your horse, give them sugar, apples, carrots, golden apples, or golden carrots.
    • To view your horses stats, use /h stats
    • To protect your horse from damage when you are not riding it, use /h protect
    • When you disconnect from the server, your horse will despawn to protect it. When you join the server again, use /h summon to summon your horse again.
    • If you wish to rename your horse, use /h set name <the new name>
    For Server owners:
    Currently, I am planning on making most of the features in the plugin configurable, so this plugin can fit on any server. All global variables to configure the plugin can be found in the Horsedata.yml file. Here is a list of all the variables:

    Savetype controls how the server will save horse data. By Default, it is set to 2, which will save all data to the horsedata.yml file. If you wish for the server to save data to an SQL database, change the savetype to 3. If after saving the data to a database you wish to return to a file, change the save type to 1.

    Disable banishment disables the banish command. This is useful if you do not users to be able to temporarily remove horses from the world. By default, this is set to false.

    Banish on disable will banish all horses in the world when the server reloads. When this id disabled, it is useful for removing the plugin (if you ever want to) without losing the horses. By default, it is set to true

    Banish on player quit controls if horses should be banished when a player leaves the server, whether it be by logging off, kick, ban, or joining another server. When this is disabled, horses are persistant to the world, allowing other players to interact or even damage the horse (Which may be good for faction servers). By default, this is set to true

    As a quick overview, there are only two permissions that you need to know about:

    This is the permission given to all default users. This is what allows all players to claim, summon, level up, banish, and buy horses. A list of all of it's child permissions can be found below:

    This permission lets the player control the database, and gives them permission to addXP, change their horses appearance, change their name, and even protect their horse against damage. All of the child permissions can be found below:

    Plugin Wiki

    Please visit for installation instructions, permissions, commands, and more.

    Cool People
    • Dreamrdawn - donated :)
    • - Gave a donation & awesome feedback :D
    I have a really busy schedule so money motivation is always nice! There is a button in the top right corner to do so :) Even if you don't want to donate, I could use other forms of help. If anyone wants to help create a wiki/youtube tutorial or give ideas please message me. I can list you as a sponsor/helper on this page and promote your server. Also, any feedback is much appreciated!

    Currently, Zombie_Striker is updating the plugin. All money donated to this project will go to the original author of this plugin, GetGoodKid.

    Horse Races
    Check out my Horse Races plugin which allows you to race horses and give prizes, etc. This plugin will soon be compatible with Horse Races.

    This plugin does update automatically:
    This plugin checks for updates and will download updates. If you do not want this plugin to automatically update, all you need to do is edit one line in the "plugins\AUpdater\global.yml" file. Just change the one variable in there to false (or, if you run into any problems, copy the code below)
    How to Install
    Drop this plugin into you plugins folder and restart your server.

Recent Updates

  1. Added chatleaderboards.
  2. Added leaderboard
  3. Fixed item dup glitch

Recent Reviews

  1. BeeRando
    Version: 4.3.8
    Super cool plugin. Everyone loves it. It makes pvp cooler, people have like cavalry forces now. It makes exploring way cooler. It makes horses useful again(which in most survival servers become worthless with tping and stuff). Especially useful in pvp, since they have better health, healing, can be respawned, etc. And it just adds a really fun extra thing to do on the server and for players to grind on. Highly recommend it!
  2. Lertu
    Version: 4.3.7
    Awesome plugin 5/5 .
  3. Darkraken
    Version: 4.3.6
    Your plugin is so awesome ! I use it now for my RP server so it's amazing, but the best is, COMPATIBILITY with McMMO !
  4. AzrailHD
    Version: 4.3.4
    Stats refresh every time a horse is summoned after logging on,why does this happen?
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      I need to know a few things 1) What do you mean by "refresh"? Do you mean stats such as vitality, wrath, or the other skills are returning to 0? 2) What update are you one? 3) Are you using the default config, or have you changed any values in the horsedata.yml file?
  5. timderspieler
    Version: 4.3.2
    I dont know why this plugin has no ratings?!?

    This plugin is amazing :)

    Awesome for faction / pvp servers.