MCProfiler 2.0

Allows the creation of profiles on users. Tracks their IP, and allows creation of notes.

  1. 2.0 rewrite

    Almost complete rewrite.

    Changed lastKnownStaffName column in notes table to be staffuuid and to take staff uuids instead.
  2. Some bug fixes, plus a new config option and a new maintenance command.

    • Make config.yml generate automatically.
    • Fix too many AltAccounts being inserted into the result during recursive searching instead of just trimming the result.
    • Added new config option called general.recursivePlayerJoin to allow for people to decide for themselves whether the server uses recursive player searching for when people log onto their servers. Default is false.
    • Added new command /MCProfiler maintenance updatename UUID newname - Forces an account to be...
  3. 1.1

    • Added short command /note <user> <note>
    • Fix short command /status
    • Fix errors being displayed when they shouldn't be.
    • have a prefix return &b instead of nothing.
  4. Actually add the .class files