MCRealistic 2 | 1.13 Support! 2.0.8

A continued version of markrasher123's MCRealistic! Become realistic in minecraft!

  1. 1.13 Update

    WARNING: This update will not function on 1.12.2 or lower in any way. Requires a configuraton reset.

    You can view the two commits here: 82dded9 3d73432


    • Automatic disabler for versions not using 1.13
    • Cooldown task to fix pre-adventure cooldown...
  2. Adventure Update

    Warning! A configuraton reset may be required.

    The following has been added (click read more):

    A new UI will make it easier for admins to obtain custom items. Just type /mcr items and a GUI will appear containing the items, which you can click to get.
    Right clicking a compass will set a waypoint, and the compass will point towards that until you set another one.
    The pre-1.8 adventure mode offers a...
  3. Pre-Adventure Update

    Warning! This update only works on 1.12.2. You may also need to reset your configuration.
    • Fixed typo on getting a cold
    • Fixed stats being reset every time you rejoined
    • Added following placeholders:
      • %mcrealistic_name% - Player's /mystats name
      • %mcrealistic_age% - Player's /mystats age
      • %mcrealistic_nickname% - Player's /mystats nickname
    • Added new mode "Pre-Adventure"
      • To enable, set GameMode in config to PRE_ADVENTURE.
      • This gamemode...
  4. Fixes

    • Made join listener async so as to not block the main thread
    • Fixed realistic building not working when fatigue was disabled
    As always, a like or review is much appreciated!
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  5. v2.0.4

    • Switched to maven
    • Now uses lombok
    • Added stamina for horses and players
      • Can be disabled in configuration file
    • Added new placeholders (will be more in the future)
      • Requires PlaceholderAPI
      • %mcrealistic_thirst%
      • %mcrealistic_fatigue%
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed a major issue where fatigue was calculated incorrectly on break
    • Removed debug messages
    Add the following section to your configuration file under the...
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  6. Configuration Update

    Please note that this update may require a configuration reset. Always backup your config beforehand to save the values.

    Your new config should look like this:
    Code (Text):
    # MCRealistic-2 Properties:
    # Worlds
    #   Here you define which worlds you enable.
    # WeatherAffectsPlayer
    #   This option defines whether the player should be affected by the weather. Default true.
    # Thirst
    #   This option defines whether thirst is enabled. Default true.
    # DisplayHungerMessage
    #   Whether the...
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  7. More language configurability

    Warning! A config reset may be required.

    Feel free to send me your own language files!

    List of changes:
    • Added option to change language file in config
    • Added option to change message type in config
    • Fixed update notifier working incorrectly
    • Default language is now en-gb.yml
    • Fixed message being sent in both chat and actionbar
    As always, a like or review is appreciated :)!
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  8. The Language Update

    Hello everyone!

    MCRealistic-2 now has lang files. Your current edited messages will be ignored, and you will have to re-edit them in MCRealistic-2/lang/en-gb.yml.

    If anyone would like to translate the plugin, feel free to PM me with the edited version and I'll start adding more language files. As always, a like or review is appreciated :)!

    List of changes:

    • Added language file
    • Fixed item consume causing null exception
    • Added update notifier
    • Added...
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  9. MCRealistic 2

    Users rejoice! MCRealistic has been recoded and is now v.2! This version is only compatible with 1.12. If you're not on 1.12 yet, now is the time to update for 1.13. All plugin support for 1.12 and below will be dropped after 1.13 for my plugins.

    I would also like to say thank you for 3,000 downloads.

    This version has been tested and should not contain any bugs. The speed bug has been fixed. This recode will allow for many more exciting changes, and prepares us for 1.13/1.14!...
  10. Multiversion compatible

    Sorry for the amount of updates.

    I believe this update:
    • Adds multiversion compatible
    This means that the plugin should be compatible with at least 1.9 -> 1.12.
    If it's not, report the bug.
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