MCRealistic 2 | 1.13 Support! 2.1.1

A continued version of markrasher123's MCRealistic! Become realistic in minecraft!

  1. Patch for Messages

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  2. Patch

    This version has not been tested.
    • Fixed issue where player's could duplicate items due to WG + MCR-2
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  3. 1.13 Command Tab Completion

    You can view the commit here: e628375


    • Regex for command tab completion
    • Updated to Spigot 1.13

    • Improved performance
    • Some generic bug fixes I can't remember
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  4. 1.13 Update

    WARNING: This update will not function on 1.12.2 or lower in any way. Requires a configuraton reset.

    You can view the two commits here: 82dded9 3d73432


    • Automatic disabler for versions not using 1.13
    • Cooldown task to fix pre-adventure cooldown...
  5. Adventure Update

    Warning! A configuraton reset may be required.

    The following has been added (click read more):

    A new UI will make it easier for admins to obtain custom items. Just type /mcr items and a GUI will appear containing the items, which you can click to get.
    Right clicking a compass will set a waypoint, and the compass will point towards that until you set another one.
    The pre-1.8 adventure mode offers a...
  6. Pre-Adventure Update

    Warning! This update only works on 1.12.2. You may also need to reset your configuration.
    • Fixed typo on getting a cold
    • Fixed stats being reset every time you rejoined
    • Added following placeholders:
      • %mcrealistic_name% - Player's /mystats name
      • %mcrealistic_age% - Player's /mystats age
      • %mcrealistic_nickname% - Player's /mystats nickname
    • Added new mode "Pre-Adventure"
      • To enable, set GameMode in config to PRE_ADVENTURE.
      • This gamemode...
  7. Fixes

    • Made join listener async so as to not block the main thread
    • Fixed realistic building not working when fatigue was disabled
    As always, a like or review is much appreciated!
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  8. v2.0.4

    • Switched to maven
    • Now uses lombok
    • Added stamina for horses and players
      • Can be disabled in configuration file
    • Added new placeholders (will be more in the future)
      • Requires PlaceholderAPI
      • %mcrealistic_thirst%
      • %mcrealistic_fatigue%
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed a major issue where fatigue was calculated incorrectly on break
    • Removed debug messages
    Add the following section to your configuration file under the...
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  9. Configuration Update

    Please note that this update may require a configuration reset. Always backup your config beforehand to save the values.

    Your new config should look like this:
    Code (Text):
    # MCRealistic-2 Properties:
    # Worlds
    #   Here you define which worlds you enable.
    # WeatherAffectsPlayer
    #   This option defines whether the player should be affected by the weather. Default true.
    # Thirst
    #   This option defines whether thirst is enabled. Default true.
    # DisplayHungerMessage
    #   Whether the...
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  10. More language configurability

    Warning! A config reset may be required.

    Feel free to send me your own language files!

    List of changes:
    • Added option to change language file in config
    • Added option to change message type in config
    • Fixed update notifier working incorrectly
    • Default language is now en-gb.yml
    • Fixed message being sent in both chat and actionbar
    As always, a like or review is appreciated :)!
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