MCRealistic 2 (MCRealisticPlus) | Recoded! 2.0.3

A continued version of markrasher123's MCRealistic! Become realistic in minecraft!

  1. SamB440
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    c0mputex, CitadelCraft, markrasher123, zackerykr & AssassinsKeeper, CheB440, Chazmondo
    markrasher123 is the original creator. Thanks for the brilliant idea! (
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    Have you ever been tired of minecraft not being realistic enough? Well, Then this is the plugin for you! This plugin makes Minecraft much more realistic and adds a lot of features!

    You can disable / enable most, if not all these features in the config.yml, so if you want only one of those features, be welcome.

    * Realistic Building:

    • - The blocks you build will fall down.
    • - Blocks can be supported by logs, or by using fences. The building support shown below is not longer used, instead fences are now default.

    If you place the building support it will not fall down, and then you can place regular blocks on the building support, and break the building support, and the blocks will not fall down.

    This feature is used to create more "realistic" or RPG houses that look better. It also stops floating platforms!

    * Custom advancements

    This feature is not present in the recode. It is WIP. Use old (but unstable) versions for this feature.

    • - 'Advancements' are the new 'achievements' in Minecraft 1.12.
    • - There are currently 7 custom advancements.


    * Immune system - completely configurable!

    • - If there is a certain amount of players online, the immune system will pick a player at random and give them a cold.
    • - If you have a cold or disease, you can make medicine to cure your cold.
    Medicine recipe:

    * Weather affects player:
    • - If it is raining/snowing in the minecraft world and the player doesn't have any clothes on him (armour) or is not near a torch then he will freeze to death.
    • - If a player is standing near a torch when it's raining, he will feel cosy..
    * Player gets thirsty:

    - If you don't drink you will get thirsty, and when you are really thirsty you will start to take damage every couple of minutes, you can drink from a bottle you get when you spawn. You can refill that bottle.
    * Chopping down trees is now more realistic:

    • - This plugin disables chopping down trees with your bare hands (you can disable this in the config).
    • - When you chop down a tree without an axe, you will only get 1 wood.
    • - If you chop down a tree with an axe you have a chance to get 3 wood/2 wood/1 wood/or nothing.
    * Minecraft stats:

    - If you write /mystats it will show you your stats, example:
    The name and the age is randomly generated, you can disable this.

    * Fatigue system:

    - When the players mine blocks, break blocks, and does certain actions, his fatigue goes up. The limit is 250. When a player's fatigue reaches 250, the player can't perform certain actions, like breaking a block or placing a block.... Until he gets some sleep in a nice and comfortable bed!

    * Armour weight system:

    • - Your speed is set by the amount of armour you have, so if you have all diamond armour you will move really slow, and if you have all leather armour you will move at a regular speed.
    * Broken Bones:

    - If you fall from a high place you will probably break your bones. When your bones are broken, you will move slower, until they are healed again. The time it takes for the bones to heal depends on how high the fall was.. You can instantly heal your bones by using a bandage you can create like this:
    Right click to use. Won't work if stacked(?).

    * Trails:

    - When you walk you will leave a trail behind you, it works like this: when you stand on a block you have a 1/4 chance on turning that block into dirt if it's grass, and sandstone if it's sand...

    * Enchanted arrows light a fire:

    - When you shoot an arrow with an enchantment of fire, the arrow will light a fire where it hits:

    More features to come....

    • - /mcrealistic === Description: Default command.
    • - /mcrealistic info === Description: Display info about the plugin.
    • - /mcrealistic <item> <amount> === Description: Give yourself an item with a set amount. Example: /mcr medicine 2.
    • - /mystats === Description: View your stats.
    • - /fatigue === Description: View your fatigue.
    • - /thirst === Description: View your thirst.
    • - mcr.mystats === Description: Permission for the command /mystats.
    • - mcr.fatigue === Description: Permission for the command /fatigue.
    • - mcr.thirst === Description: Permission for the command /thirst.
    • - mcr.item.give === Description: Permission for the command /mcrealistic <item> <amount>.
    • - mcr.getcold === Description: Permission to get a cold.


    - The plugin is very customizable, Here is the config.yml:
    Code (Text):

    # MCRealistic-2 Properties:
    # Worlds
    #   Here you define which worlds you enable.
    # WeatherAffectsPlayer
    #   This option defines whether the player should be affected by the weather. Default true.
    # Thirst
    #   This option defines whether thirst is enabled. Default true.
    # DisplayHungerMessage
    #   Whether the hunger message should be shown. Default true.
    # DisplayCozyMessage
    #   Whether the cozy message should be shown. Default true.
    # DisplayHurtMessage
    #   Whether the hurt message would be shown. Default true.
    # Weight
    #   This option defines whether the player should be affected by weight.
    # Realistic_Building
    #   This option defines whether blocks will fall.

    - world_dregora
    - world_dregora_the_end
        WeatherAffectsPlayer: true
          Interval: 6000
          Enabled: true
        DisplayHungerMessage: true
        DisplayCozyMessage: true
        DisplayHurtMessage: true
        Weight: true
        Trail: true
        Path: true
        Allow Fatigue: true
        Allow Chop Down Trees With Hands: false
        Trees have random number of drops: true
        Allow /mystats: true
        Allow /fatigue: true
        Allow /thirst: true
        Spawn with items: true
        Allow Enchanted Arrow: true
          Interval: 1000
          Enabled: true
          Req_Players: 1
        Realistic_Building: true
        Not Tired: '&aI don''t feel tired anymore..'
        Too Tired: '&cI''m too tired to do that'
        Tired: '&cI am tired...'
        Very Tired: '&cI am very tired... I should get some sleep.'
        No Hand Chop: '&cYou can''t chop down trees with your hands!'
        Not Thirsty: '&aI''m not thirsty anymore!'
        Little Thirsty: I am a little thirsty...
        Getting Thirsty: '&cI am getting thirsty...'
        Really Thirsty: '&c&l&nI am really thirsty.. I should drink some water.'
        Cozy: '&2I feel cozy..'
        Cold: '&c&nI am cold, I should wear some clothes. (Armour)'
        Hurt: '&c&lI am hurt!'
        Hungry: '&c&lI am hungry! I should really eat something...'
        Should_Sleep: '&cI should sleep in that bed...'
        Used_Bandage: '&aYou used a bandage, your legs healed!'
        Respawn: true


    The review section is not a place to report bugs. You will get NO support if you leave a review because of a bug.

Recent Reviews

  1. Gh0stiiik
    Version: 2.0.3
    This is AMAZING! Please, can you fix floating blocks?
    If the block was not built for something, it would turn into a block or something like that, and it would fall. He would have kept them at home, for example. basics, and build from them
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      What do you mean by "fix floating blocks" as in the player can place it then break other blocks and leave it floating?
  2. Ribskitz
    Version: 2.0.3
    AMAZING! I just love how it makes Minecraft not. have... floating dirt blocks? Well, anyways I just wanted to say the way to fix the 'not walking glitch' is to just sprint jump. if that doesnt work, try doing /gmc
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. And the sprint bug is fixed :)
  3. Tanguygab
    Version: v2.0.2
    It's an Exellent plugin but can you add an optio to disable cold please ? Sorry for my bad english.
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      The review system is not a place for feature requests, and anyway you can disable it here Immune_System:
      Interval: 1000
      Enabled: true
      Req_Players: 1
  4. thanakon
    Version: v2.0.2
    I like it .................................................................................................
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review :)
  5. DragonHunterJef
    Version: v2.0.1-b
    This is a really good plugin. Thanks for making it
    maybe for 1.13 or next update if you get more tired of swimming
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)
  6. SpookyWalrus
    Version: 1.6.7
    Yeah, I installed it, ran the server, And still no config so I dont know whats up
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      send me your server startup log
  7. CalvinStorm
    Version: 1.6.4
    I can not move with this plugin. I can move with jumping or flying, but not with walking.
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      The review section is not a place to report bugs. Please try v1.6.5
  8. CrazyWords
    Version: 1.6.4
    Good plugin, but fix this bug please ( problem is that when you install it, it makes it so that you cannot move without jumping or flying )
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      I have tested this supposed "no movement" bug and it does not occur on my server. You have conflicting plugins.
  9. Playcoco
    Version: 1.6.4
    You did a great work on that plugin ! I hate people who leave 2 stars instead of report an issue. I hope that these 5 stars will give you a smile :) (sorry for my bad english ^^').

    Thank you for developping Minecraft plugins. !!! :)
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review :)
  10. Drakonis
    Version: 1.6.3
    The only reason I'm giving this two stars is because this could be a fantastic plugin. The only problem is that when you install it, it makes it so that you cannot move without jumping or flying. I am basically not able to play on my own server because I can't move. Fix this issue, and it could be an awesome plugin, but until then, I would not recommend it to anyone.
    1. SamB440
      Author's Response
      The review system is not a place to report bugs. Additionally - nobody else has reported this issue.