MCRealistic 2 (MCRealisticPlus) | Recoded! v2.0.2

A continued version of markrasher123's MCRealistic! Become realistic in minecraft!

  1. More language configurability

    Warning! A config reset may be required.

    Feel free to send me your own language files!

    List of changes:
    • Added option to change language file in config
    • Added option to change message type in config
    • Fixed update notifier working incorrectly
    • Default language is now en-gb.yml
    • Fixed message being sent in both chat and actionbar
    As always, a like or review is appreciated :)!
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  2. The Language Update

    Hello everyone!

    MCRealistic-2 now has lang files. Your current edited messages will be ignored, and you will have to re-edit them in MCRealistic-2/lang/en-gb.yml.

    If anyone would like to translate the plugin, feel free to PM me with the edited version and I'll start adding more language files. As always, a like or review is appreciated :)!

    List of changes:

    • Added language file
    • Fixed item consume causing null exception
    • Added update notifier
    • Added...
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  3. MCRealistic 2

    Users rejoice! MCRealistic has been recoded and is now v.2! This version is only compatible with 1.12. If you're not on 1.12 yet, now is the time to update for 1.13. All plugin support for 1.12 and below will be dropped after 1.13 for my plugins.

    I would also like to say thank you for 3,000 downloads.

    This version has been tested and should not contain any bugs. The speed bug has been fixed. This recode will allow for many more exciting changes, and prepares us for 1.13/1.14!...
  4. Multiversion compatible

    Sorry for the amount of updates.

    I believe this update:
    • Adds multiversion compatible
    This means that the plugin should be compatible with at least 1.9 -> 1.12.
    If it's not, report the bug.
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  5. Fixes

    • I have tested the walking and it has most definitely been fixed. If it still does not work for you, read my post in the discussion.
    • Fixed messages being sent twice
  6. Yet another attempt

    This is another attempt to fix the untrackable no walk bug. I will keep trying to fix this before the recode.
  7. Possible walk fix

    Since people completely ignore the resource page and leave a 2 star review because of a bug, try this update!
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  8. Possible fix for null error on itemconsumeevent

    • This possibly fixes a reported error on itemconsumeevent
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  9. Minor fix

    • Fixes flame bows setting fire to blocks in regions
    • Some code cleanup
    I will be making a big update soon.

    As always, a like or review is appreciated!
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  10. New advancements and fixes

    • Fixed advancements not being granted
    • 5 new advancements (mostly to do with colds/diseases)
    • Blindness when tired
    • Nausea when thirsty
    I will be working on another plugin for the next few days so don't expect many updates.

    As always, a like or review is appreciated!
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