MCRL - Rocket League VT-1.5

Play the popular video game "ROCKET LEAGUE" in MineCraft!

  1. NavyDev
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    No longer supports 1.8.8

    This plugin still has a lot of awesome features to be added!


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    Setting up an arena:
    1. /rkl arena create [Name] - Do this where you want the ball to spawn
    2. /rkl arena setTeamSpawns [ArenaName]
    3. Use the items given to set the spawns of each team. Set as many as you want. To do this, stand and look in the direction you want the player to be spawned in and click.
    4. /rkl arena setGoalRegions [ArenaName]
    5. Use the items given to set the goal regions (if the ball enters this area it will count as a goal). To do this fly to 1 corner of the goal and click and then fly to the opposite corner and do the same.
    6. /rkl arena setBoosterSpawns [arenaName]
    7. Much like the team spawn items fly to the location and face the direction you want the boosters to spawn in and click.
    8. Although /rkl arena setGoalAuraRegions are currently disabled. You will need to add them. These go in the two corners of the goal face.
    9. Your arena is now playable. Use /rkl join [arenaName] or set a sign up using the information above!
    Youtube videos:

    (None, if you've made one message me the link!)


    Code (Text):
    Command - - Permission

    /rkl - - N/a
    Main Command

    Player Commands:
    /rkl join [arena] - - rkl.join
    Joins the arena specified

    /rkl stats - - N/A
    Allows the player to view their stats.

    Admin Commands:
    /rkl spawnboost - - rkl.spawnboost
    Spawns 10 units of booster fuel at your location

    /rkl config reload [arenaName] - - rkl.admin
    Reload your selected config

    /rkl spawnball - - rkl.spawnball
    Spawns a ball at your location

    Arena Commands:
    /rkl arena - - rkl.admin
    Main arena Command

    /rkl arena options - - rkl.admin
    Shows the arena options

    /rkl arena hub - - rkl.admin
    Sets the hub players will teleport back to after a match

    /rkl arena create [arenaName] - - rkl.admin
    Creates an arena

    /rkl arena setGoalRegions [arenaName] - - rkl.admin
    Gives you items to set the goal regions

    /rkl arena setTeamSpawns [arenaName] - - rkl.admin
    Gives you items to set team spawns

    /rkl arena setBoosterSpawns [arenaName] - - rkl.admin
    Gives you items to set booster spawns
    Placeholders list:
    [amount] - Half of the total players in game.
    [arenaName] - Name of the arena the players are playing in.
    [scoringTeam] - Name of the team that scored a goal.
    • 100 downloads - 18/09/17

Recent Updates

  1. Fallback
  2. Massive rewrite of code!
  3. Stats update!

Recent Reviews

  1. Legoman99573
    Version: V1.6
    good plugin to play with friends on test server. Is there a possibility to make it work with the vehicles plugin? it would be cool.
    1. NavyDev
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I’m mostly shooting towards making my own vehicles. However, I can see that taking a while. So I might take a look at using the vehicles plugin to close the gap - good idea!
  2. ItzzSebasGamer
    Version: V1.4.46
    Good job. Map please

    1. NavyDev
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I would make a map but I’m sure there are people much better than I would be
  3. Thijscream
    Version: V1.4.45
    Plugin is good but i'm sad it doesn't work for 1.8.8 anymore.
    My players loved it, will it maybe return for 1.8.8?
    1. NavyDev
      Author's Response
      Awesome! Glad your players liked it. Feel free to message me your server IP!
      It is a possibility. When I’m able to properly sit down and code I will likely add it 1.8.8 to the plugin as one jar
  4. LegoDude
    Version: V1.4.44
    Updated to 1.11 and 1.12. Super hyped To test it out. Keep up the great work mate
    1. NavyDev
      Author's Response
      Thank you mate! Any bugs feel free to PM me or put it in the resource discussion. :)
  5. BourneDev
    Version: V1.4.3
    Those guys who rated two starts are complete idiots, good job for making such a fantastic resource for us to enjoy in your spare time!!!!!
    1. NavyDev
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! Really means a lot! <3
  6. Crallison
    Version: V1.4.3
    I'm only here cause of the 2 stupid reviews below, really good job guys 1 staring a new plugin
    1. NavyDev
      Author's Response
      Thank you, really kind of you :)
  7. LevelsCraft7
    Version: V1.4.3
    Multi-Arena ? Bungee ? and the biggest bad point is the link for get money.. horrible

    2Stars but i like rocket league..
  8. patricianko
    Version: V1.4.3
    Where is cars? Where is good physic of ball? Where is boost state?

    Really bad, sorry.
  9. Sallomy
    Version: V1.3.2
    Is there is a premade map for this plugin? It’s awesome!

    If yes tell me the link :D
    1. NavyDev
      Author's Response
      Hi, Thank you for the review! Unfortunately, there is no pre-made map. Maybe someone will make one!
  10. LegoDude
    Version: V1.0
    Looks awesome, only issue, 1.10 my boy.. Cmon... 1.11.2 at the least! lol great plugin and idea tho. Updating to 1.11.2 isn't hard, everything code wise is exactly the same
    1. NavyDev
      Author's Response
      Haha yeah very true, I'll be adding an update tonight, 1.2 will be 1.12