MCRL - Rocket League VT-1.5

Play the popular video game "ROCKET LEAGUE" in MineCraft!

  1. Fallback

    Temp fallback from 1.6 due to bugs that need to be fixed
  2. Massive rewrite of code!

    While I was working on a private plugin I was referring to some code I had previously used in Rocket Leauge. However, while looking at it I realised that my coding style in Rocket League had become outdated to what I do now. My current coding style now uses NO static values unless necessary. Basically, the big change here was the removal of any static abuse and there was more than expected. The plugin should now run better than ever.

    My shop:...
  3. Stats update!

    This update adds the following stat collection to the plugin:
    • Matches Started
    • Matches Finished
    • Matches Won
    • Matches Lost
    • Matches Drawn
    This also means there is an addition of this command:
    Code (Text):
    /rkl stats

    More stats to come.
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  4. Added 'PluginMetrics'

    Added 'PluginMetrics' to RocketLeague.

    PluginMetrics allows me to collect data about how the plugin is working.

    You may opt-out of this feature under the plugin folder 'plugin metrics'.
  5. Minor code changes

    - Code changes preparing for the next update ;)
  6. Placeholders list:

    Placeholders list:
    [amount] - Half of the total players in game.
    [arenaName] - Name of the arena the players are playing in.
    [scoringTeam] - Name of the team that scored a goal.

    With plenty more to come!
  7. Arena Check fixer

    The arena check had a minor bug but is now fixed. It is highly recommended you update to this version!
  8. Arena check

    Upon creating an arena and joining it for the first time it will first be checked before it allows anyone to play. If it passes checks the arena will be free to play in. This will also tell you whats wrong with your arena if it fails.

    You may need to create new arenas for this to work.
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  9. Clear on join fix

    The plugin will no longer clear a players inventory upon joining.
  10. Changes to arena creation

    You can now right/left click a block or just click and it will register your location as the spot you want the value to be.

    For example flying to the corner, you want the pos1 of a teams goal to be. You can now click a block or just right/left click.