MCRL 2.1.32

Play the popular video game in Minecraft!

  1. Rocket League - 2.1.32

    Added option in the RocketLeague.yml to activate or disable punishing players who leave early.
    Added /rkl leave command Perm: "rkl.leave" - Allows players to leave their current match.


    Will now check for the minimum amount of players specified in the arenas file before starting.
    Fixed the formula for setting the teams of players
  2. Rocket League - 2.1.31

    • Boosts now rotate
    • boostRotationSpeed has been added to Rocket League.yml - This will determine how fast the boosts rotate.
    • You now will not receive any errors when the active boosts equals null
    Developers notes:

    "You may need to delete your Rocket League.yml in order to get the new option. Another way would be to copy and paste the following into the file itself."
    Code (Text):
    #boostRotationSpeed is the speed in the form of a double (e.g...
  3. Rocket League - 2.1.3

    • Removed the join message which displayed the plugins link.
    • /rkl tip - Shows the link to NavyDev's
  4. Rocket League - 2.1.2

    New placeholders:
    [timeAdded] - Time added when a goal is scored to celebrate.
    [teamOneScore] - The amount of goals team one currently has.
    [teamTwoScore] - The amount of goals team two currentl has.
    [banSecondsLeft] - The amount of time left on a players ban.​

    New messages:
    Celebration-Message - The message sent when a goal is scored.
    End-Game-Message - The message sent when the match ends.
    Player-Banned-Time-Left - The message sent when a banned...​
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  5. Rocket League - 2.1.1

    • If a player disconnects from the server while they were in a game they will be teleported away from the arena and will no longer be part of the game
    • If a player logs off there will no longer be errors in the console about the in-game scoreboard.
    • There will no longer be errors when despawning a ball with no players in the area.
    • ArenaCheck now has its own class
    • There will now no longer be CoModification errors in certain aspects of the plugin.
    • Fixed the /rkl...
  6. Rocket League - 2.1


    Arena time is now 300 seconds, not 30.
    Balls will now not be mass spawned. Sorry about that...
    Boosts will also now not be mass spawned.
    Your console won't be spammed anymore either.


    The biggest change is one the average user is unlikely to see the change of. In this update, I have created 3 new custom events. These are:
    • Start Match
    • End Match
    • Goal Scored
    By creating these I can now call public events that any plugin that depends on Rocket League can...
  7. Rocket League - 2.01

    Minor code changes.
  8. Rocket League - 2.0


    Huge rewrite of all of the code. The code is now the most efficient it's ever been.
    • Messages.yml now consists of messages helping you understand what you're editing
    • RocketLeague.yml also consists of messages to help you understand what you're editing
    • Arenas are now plugin objects
    • Stats have been removed for future updates
    • The ball is also a plugin object
    • Draws, wins and losses are all handled by a player handler
    • Player boost now has its own handler...
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  9. Fallback

    Temp fallback from 1.6 due to bugs that need to be fixed
  10. Massive rewrite of code!

    While I was working on a private plugin I was referring to some code I had previously used in Rocket Leauge. However, while looking at it I realised that my coding style in Rocket League had become outdated to what I do now. My current coding style now uses NO static values unless necessary. Basically, the big change here was the removal of any static abuse and there was more than expected. The plugin should now run better than ever.

    My shop:...