McScanKt 1.0.1

McScanKt is an external software for analyzing a minecraft map and to show custom items with ranking

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    McScanKt is an external software for analyzing a minecraft map and to show items with a custom name and / or custom lore to do a ranking with html output.
    This project use Kotlin (typesafe and modern language).


    - Java 11


    java -jar McScanKt-1.0.0.jar --help

    Arguments :

    --worldFolder or -w ./path/to/world : Analyze Minecraft map
    --regionFile or -r ./path/to/region.mca : Analyze one region file
    --playerData or -p ./path/to/player.dat : Analyze one player file

    To configure external storage or others options, please check Wiki section.

    HTML Output

    After analyzing the data on the world, region or players, mcscankt will produce a folder with the html results, items with a custom name or / and custom lores are sorted in descending order (largest to smallest).
    Now, you could check what custom items is more present, in futur release i will add all locations and uuid on output (already present in software counter and in mongodb storage).

    On my test server with new map, i have added some items in my inventory and in chest here the results :


    Technology stack


    Don't forget to read wiki and README page before ask questions.

    Wiki Home

    Analyzed elements and supported minecraft versions ?

    Please check README on github page to have all informations

    Planned features
    • Add compatibility with older versions.
    • Add others database storage type like MySQL.
    • Add multiples options to add some filters (minimal item counter, filter by item id, name etc...).
    • Add multiples output system in addition to html (colored console, disabled output, etc..).
    • Add more information on output (location, uuid inventories)
    • Add more unit test and integration test.
    • Community suggestion ?
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