MCSecure 2.0

Plugin that protects your server and it's users.

  1. DamnHippo
    As for now, this plugin will no longer be updated, i'm going to build this from the ground up to make a better system. This plugin has many issues.

    This plugin was built for my online server to prevent staff accounts from being hacked and having the server destroyed.

    What type of server is this meant for?
    You choose, it could be for an online server or a cracked server. Its up to you.

    Stop the server when loading the plugin.
    Commands / Perms:
    • /login <Password> - Log you into the server.
    • /password <Password> - Set your password MUST BE LOGGED IN
    • /flogin<Player> - Force login a player. MUST BE LOGGED IN
    The plugin only has 2 permissons right now. 'MCSecure.login' and 'MCSecure.flogin'
    Give 'McSecure.flogin' to people you want to have access to /flogin

    How does the plugin work?
    The plugin works by preventing people from doing almost all things on your server. Yes, they can still walk around (this may change) but they can't run commands, drop items or attack people. They can still be attacked. Reason behind this is people would abuse this and it would become "God" mode.

    Do people on the server need a password?
    Nope, its up to them. They can create a password and remove it if they really want. All they need to do is type /password and it will clear the password and they will log in like normal :)

    Coming Soon
    • A command that allows for you to force login a player.

Recent Reviews

  1. AndreiTheGiant
    Version: 1.0
    Nice work! Very simple, yet efficient with protection. Love it.
    1. DamnHippo
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)