MCTowns v2.4.0

A town management plugin for the Bukkit API

  1. Everdras
    MCTowns is a powerful way to manage towns.
    • Create Towns, assign them Territories, and let mayors divide them up into Plots on their own.
    • WorldEdit backend means you can use WorldEdit CUI and all of your favorite WorldEdit commands to create regions of any size and shape
    • WorldGuard backend means lightning-fast performance and rock-solid stability
    • Mayors can restrict town membership to only people they invite, or open it up to anyone who can afford a plot
    • Saves you time and reduces the workload on your moderators!
    • Mayors can manage regions within Territories that have been assigned to them
    • No need to ask a mod every time someone wants to join your town, or you need a new plot created.



    • Email [email protected]. I will always respond to these.
    • Send me a PM on . I will probably respond to these.
    • Post a comment here. I'll probably respond to this.

    Basic Commands

    The wiki is a great place to find comprehensive documentation.
    • /mct -used for adding and deleting towns, querying basic info, etc
    • /town -used to manage towns, including inviting players and adding territories
    • /territory -used to manage territories, including adding plots
    • /plot -used to manage plots, including adding players to plots

    Metrics Collection
    MCTowns tracks some stats about who uses it. They're primarily for me to feel good about myself when I see people are actually using what I make.

    MCTowns uses MCStats. To learn what is collected and how to opt-out of collection, see the following official MCStats page:


    Donate with Bitcoins: 1PYEc82xEK1A3jCsYTAZ7mnS9t34Et9bYh

    Everything on these pages and associated wikis is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License

    Project Logo courtesy of th3cleaner_mcserver.
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  1. v2.4.0 official release

Recent Reviews

  1. turgeon97
    Version: v2.4.0
    Hi, i was wondering for something that could be usefull for alot of us with this plugin, manage city territory size with group permission, i think it'd be very cool and useful in MCtowns, if its already possible plz tell me. thanks! :)
  2. JustAngel
    Version: v2.4.0
    I love this plugin, its got all the features we needed for our server where the focus wasn't exclusively on towns. But unfortunately, it's not updated for 1.9 and there are exceptions being generated. I hope there are plans to update soon. :/
  3. doitliketyler
    Version: v2.4.0
    Really great town management plugin. The land claiming and commands are very intuitive and the developer is very friendly and responsive. Would recommend over some of the more popular town management plugins.
  4. minecraft7net
    Version: v2.4.0-SNAPSHOT
    excellent idea, feature compilation what a was looking for - i will build server on this plugin. please make a more detailed documentations for command and permissions.
    1. Everdras
      Author's Response