MCtracker 1.2.1

show Memory, StdDev of Tick Time, CPU usage, Avg Tick Time, TPS, Entities, Players, LoadedChunks

  1. mexp0624
    A plugin that show :
    - current Memory status
    - Avg TPS
    - Avg Tick Time
    - Variance of Tick Time
    - StdDev of Tick Time
    - Entities
    - Players
    - Loaded Chunks count
    - CPU Usage

    Avg, Variance, StdDev are calculate from previous 12000 sample(about 10 minutes)

    Why calculate Variance and Standard Deviation(StdDev)?
    Just like fps (frames per second),
    people feel lag or not, not only based on the time between ticks, but also based on how stable between the ticks.
    for example:
    over all: 10 sec, 160 ticks, avg 16 TPS, avg 62.5 ms between the ticks

    case 1:
    first 8 second : 19 TPS, ~52.63 ms between the ticks
    last 2 second : 4 TPS, 250 ms between the ticks
    >> StdDev = ~75.87 ms
    >> avg 62.5 ms (16 TPS)

    case 2:
    all 16 TPS, 62.5 ms between the ticks
    >> StdDev = 0 ms
    >> avg 62.5 ms (16 TPS)

    People will feel better at case 2 , not case 1, although over all TPS is 16.
    That's why I calculate Standard Deviation of the tick time.


    Command (console and player):
    Code (Text):
     /sysinfo [reset] : show all status
    /sysinfo [start | stop] [time(sec)] : show in your chat every X seconds
    Setting: none

    - mctracker.command.use : permissions to use command. (default: op)

    [ ] add online service to track status

Recent Reviews

  1. MoparDan
    Version: 1.2.1
    Really useful tool and easy to understand, and best of all, it is working on 1.13 pre7!
  2. yhonatan555
    Version: 1.2.1
    A great plugin! Usefull and free.
    The developer is also very active and listens to any feedback!
    Would recommend installing.
  3. RyteZee
    Version: 1.1.1
    Its a good plugin but you should make it to were it shows up in chat every 15 minutes of so. But every thing else is good.
    1. mexp0624
      Author's Response
      Show in OP's chat? or server console?
      Maybe I should add some config...