MCTweaks 1.3.3

Tweak your server for optimal performance!

  1. Velocity6
    What is it?
    MCTweaks is a bukkit plugin designed to give you the ability to tweak your server for optimal performance. This is done so by implementing commands to remove entities, kill mobs, run the Garbage Collector, etc. MCTweaks also has a built in AutoClean engine for removing entities on a schedule!


    Command Description Permission
    N/A | Main Node | mctweaks.admin
    clear | Clear all entities. | mctweaks.command.clear
    gc | Run the Garbage Collector | mctweaks.command.gc
    killmobs | Kill all mobs | mctweaks.command.killmobs
    unload | Unload all unused chunks | mctweaks.command.unload
    ram | View the servers ram | mctweaks.command.ram
    info | View plugin info |
    stopall | Stop all pending tasks | mctweaks.command.stopall
    tps | View the servers tick rate | mctweaks.command.tps

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed exempt-entites logging