MCUsernameHistory 0.9-beta

Lookup username history for any Minecraft user

  1. Tux2
    Ever wanted to know the history of a particular Minecraft user? Now you can! By harnessing the power of the cloud you can pull down the history of any Minecraft username. By using a combination of initial username data from Mojang, user submitted data from actual servers and pre-caching we don't need to make as many requests to Mojang's servers, which in turn means we can do more with the data!

    This plugin is still in beta so if you have any issues please let me know!

    • Look up any user by username or UUID and see their username history!
    • Great for tracking down users who may have changed their username
    • Low server load
    • Website GUI @
    • Uploads your user list to the website to check for username changes and update our database without needing to query Mojang
    • In game lookups!
    • Permissions
    • Does not depend on the Mojang servers being available
    • More cool features coming soon!

    How to Setup
    1. Install the plugin on the BungeeCord server in the plugins folder
    2. Create an account on
    3. Add the server on the website
    4. Paste the command given on the server: /userhistory setkey [key]
    5. Start looking them up!

    • /userhistory setkey [key] - Sets the key for the server
    • /userhistory check [username or UUID] - Checks the history for the player
    • mcusernamehistory.setkey - Allows the player to set the key for the plugin.
    • mcusernamehistory.invalidkey - Shows a message to the player if the key is invalid.
    • mcusernamehistory.checkplayer - Allows the player to check the username history of a user on the server.
    • mcusernamehistory.showservers - Allows the player to see the favorite server of a particular user.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Legoman99573
    Version: 0.9-beta
    Great plugin, but needs update. Doesn't load at all, but the bukkit one does load sucessfully. Make an update plz.