McWiki | Putting the gamepedia in the game 2.2

Provides access to the minecraft wiki in game

  1. Custom domain

    +Adds the ability to add a custom domain.

    I also rewrote a lot of the JSON handling code to prepare for custom formatting and header support, should be coming in the next patch if all goes well.
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  2. Book support

    Update 2.1

    This update adds book support as your information display method, and a config option to use chat if preferred.
    Also provides minor formatting updates.
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  3. Massive rewrite and overhaul

    This overhaul basically re-invents the plugin. Instead of simply giving the link to the specified article, the player instead sees relevant article information inline, in the chat. There is a configurable cutoff amount that can be set, as well as multi language support (simply edit the config language string, and it will pull that language's gamepedia file, if any exists).

    +Using maven to build now
    +added plugin.yml
    +Rewrote plugin entirely
    +asynchronous document reveal and display...
  4. 1.4

    Added support for spaces becoming underscores.