MCXMPP Alpha 0.5.1

Watch, chat and interact with your server from anywhere with XMPP, the free communication protocol

  1. Coproglotte
    MCXMPP is a plugin that uses XMPP, an instant messaging protocol, to forward text to and from your Minecraft server. It allows you and your players to interact with the server without being connected on Minecraft.

    This plugin is still under development, so be aware that you might encounter unexpected behaviour!


    Please understand how XMPP works before trying to use this plugin! You'll need an XMPP account to be able to use it, but don't worry: it's free. ;)
    You can find more information about XMPP on and a list of public XMPP servers on

    1. Download the zip file
    2. Extract it in your plugins directory
    3. Edit the config.yml file to fit your needs
    4. Reboot your server and that's all!


    Find instructions and help on the wiki.

    This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPLv3. Get the source code on Github!

    For comments, suggestions or bugs you can contact me here or on Github.

Recent Reviews

  1. Supertin
    Version: Alpha 0.5.1
    Given the available options for external chat methods, the fact this works at all is fantastic. It has it's quirks, but it works in the end, and that's all that matters.

    Some notes:
    1) Follow the config example for the username. DO NOT INCLUDE THE DOMAIN! Personally, I think the plugin could probably check for the @ symbol and correct this. A ".split("@")" would do it in one go, I think. This caught me out due to late night testing.

    2) If any errors occur, the Spigot server MUST be restarted. The plugin fails to reload correctly after it throws errors.

    3) Lots more error checking could be done by the plugin. There are many faults that it simply dies on, requiring a restart of Spigot. Most relate to failing due to incorrect configs, however I'm wary of what might happen if the XMPP server is unreachable for a few minutes while running.

    Overall, the plugin is very simple and effective, which I like. It really just needs some tidying up in it's error handling.