MediaAlert 1.0


  1. Senneistheboss
    By Senneistheboss
    Hello guys i have created a Media Plugin

    This is the autobroadcaster

    /youtube with the permission
    /twitch with the permission mediealert.use.twitch
    /facebook with the permission mediealert.use.facebook

    You can modify everything into config

    MediaBroadcastHeader: '&8&m+---------------------------------+'
    MediaBroadcast: '&aWe have 3 youtubers on our server'
    MediaBroadcastFooter: '&8&m+---------------------------------+'
    YoutubeHeader: '&8&m+---------------------------------+'
    Youtube: '&aWe have no youtubers'
    YoutubeFooter: '&8&m+---------------------------------+'
    TwitchHeader: '&8&m+---------------------------------+'
    Twitch: '&aWe have no twitch streamers'
    TwitchFooter: '&8&m+---------------------------------+'
    FaceBookHeader: '&8&m+---------------------------------+'
    FaceBook: '&aWe have no facebook'
    FaceBookFooter: '&8&m+---------------------------------+'

    My server join for opprison and own made plugins

    Do you want to sponsor me or whant to give me money

    Do you want more Just pm me