MedicNOT 1.0.6

Add cannibalism and torturing to your server

  1. Celestialdeath99
    This plugin is the opposite of a medical type plugin and is merely for the fun and laughs. It adds cannibalism and torturing to your server. Please note, this is my first plugin, however I have done extensive testing on the plugin to make sure it works. If you have any ideas for different functions or plugins please email me at [email protected]

    • /torture <playername>
    This will take 1 heart from the player name entered. If no name is entered, then the player issuing the command will lose a heart.
    • /bite <playername>
    This will take 2 hearts away from the player name entered and give to food levels to the player who issued the command. If there is no name entered, then 2 hearts will be taken from the person who issued the command and 2 food levels will be added. Great if you are in survival mode and cannot get food, just don't eat too much because you will die. ;-)