Meeting Room 1.0S Spigot 1.7.9

Create physical rooms that redirect chat to players only within that room.

  1. Dropkick
    A simple plugin to allow private chat to take place on a server. Players standing in the same room will be able to communicate with each other in private while still hearing the server chat.

    To create a meeting room, create a room that is enclosed and has a door, or multiple doors but it must be separated from the open air and have less than the maxsize amount of air blocks. Then stand outside of the door, and right click with a diamond in your hand. The diamond is consumed and the room is created. If you change the dimensions of the room you will have to reinitialize the room by clicking on it with a diamond again, but this time it will not be consumed.

    To rename your room from the default "Room" create a sign with line 1 as [meetingroom] and on the 2nd line put the name of your room. The sign can be removed after.

    Code (Text):
    catalyst: DIAMOND    (Item to use to initialize meeting room)
    maxsize: 400    (Maximum amount of air blocks a room can contain)
    *The catalyst must be the properly formatted name from the material enum list, located here
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