Megaweapons 1.0

A plugin that includes 5 unique weapons for use in kits, or just for fun

  1. Gamers_Unite
    A simple gun plugin that allows access to 5 unique weapons that can be configured

    - /wpinv <soniccannon:diamondstinger:hypercannon:multishot:laserpistol>
    Desc: Gives you you desired weapon depending on your argument

    Watch the video for how to use the config for this plugin (and everything else too!):

    1: mweapons.rpg
    > To allow usage for"/wpinv soniccannon" to get the Sonic Cannon (RPG)

    2: mweapons.sniper
    > To allow usage for "/wpinv diamondstinger" to get the Diamond Stinger (Sniper)

    3: mweapons.machinegun
    > To allow usage for "/wpinv hypercannon" to get the HyperCannon (Machinegun)

    3: mweapons.shotgun
    > To allow usage for "/wpinv multishot" to get the Multi-Shot (Shotgun)

    3: mweapons.laserpistol
    > To allow usage for "/wpinv hypercannon" to get the Laser Pistol (Laser Pistol)

    3: mweapons.all
    > Gives access to all /wpinv commands