Memory MiniGame [1.8-1.12] - Free to use! 1.1

You have a boring serverlobby or just want to play memory in minecraft?

  1. Paul2708
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:

    Memory Minigame

    Official test server

    You have a boring serverlobby or just want to play memory in minecraft?
    Try our version of memory in minecraft,
    because our plugin brings variety in your serverlobby.
    The whole game happens in an awesome gui.

    It's free, easy to setup and full customizable!

    In addition to that it works great with our other fun game

    • Unique minigame
    • Awesome gui with beautiful animations
    • Easy to configure
    • Full customizable
    • Works nearly out of the box
    • Varying themes
    • Outstanding performance through professional programming

    Pictures/YouTube Video

    Screenshot_1.png Screenshot_2.png


    1. Put the Memory.jar in your plugin folder
    2. Start the server and wait until all files are created
    3. Connect to the server
    4. If you want, edit the messages.yml

    How to play

    Just connect to the minecraft server and set a normal note-block.
    Now you have to right-click it to enter the queue.
    After a second player has entered the queue, the game starts automatically.

    Good extension for this plugin is our second fun game TicTacToe.
    More informations about that, in the spigot article.


    Code (Text):

    tag: '&8[&eMemory&8]'
      against: '%tag% &7You are playing against &e%player%&7.'
      first_turn: '%tag% &e%player% &7starts. (Theme: %theme%))'
      turn: '%tag% &6%player% goes on.'
      not_your_turn: '%tag% &cIt''s not your turn.'
      pair_found: '%tag% &e%player% found a pair..'
      no_pair_found: '%tag% &7%player% didn''t find a pair.'
      again: '%tag% &6%player% can take another card.'
      again_player: '%tag% &6You can take another card.'
      leave: '%tag% &cYou left the queue.'
      added: '%tag% &aYou joined the queue. &7Waiting for player..'
      draw: '%tag% &eDraw! - Nobody won.'
      win: '%tag% &e%player% has won the game. (%score% pairs)'

    Code (Text):
    join_per_block: false
    join_block_id: '25:0'

    Thanks for downloading! <3

    We hope the installation went fast and you have fun
    playing our little fun game.

    If you had any problems during setup, please contact me via spigot DM.
    If you like the plugin, leave a posting rating, if you dislike it,
    leave a negative review and let us now what we can do to improve our plugins.

    If you want to give us feedback or suggestions, visit our forums at
    You will also get there pro support for all our plugins!
    Check it out now.


    German Translation

    Du möchtest mehr Abwechslung in deiner ServerLobby oder einfach nur einmal Memory in Minecraft spielen?
    Probier unsere Version von Memory in Minecraft aus. Das Plugin bietet viel Abwechslung, wodurch es beispielsweise deine Serverlobby spannender macht.
    Das alles passiert in einer einzigartigen GUI.
    Das Plugin ist gratis, einfach aufzusetzen und bietet umfangreiche Einstellungsmöglichkeiten.
    Zudem arbeitet das Plugin gut mit unserem anderen Spaß Minispiel zusammen.

    • Einzigartiges Minispiel
    • Geniale GUI mit wunderschönen Animationen
    • Einfach zu konfigurieren
    • Vollkommen anpassbar
    • Unterschiedliche Themes
    • Hervorragende Performance durch professionelle Programmierung


    1. Lade die Datei Memory.jar in deinen Plugins Ordner
    2. Starte den Server und warte, bis alle Dateien erstellt wurde
    3. Verbinde dich mit dem Server
    4. Passe bei Bedarf die messages.yml an
    How to play

    Verbinde dich mit deinem Minecraft Server und setze einen normalen Noten Block.
    Nun musst du diesen rechtsklicken, um die Warteschlange zu betreten.
    Sobald ein zweiter Spieler die Warteschlange betritt, startet das Spiel automatisch.

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Recent Reviews

  1. orangejuiceyummy
    Version: 1.1
    Amazing resource, works flawless on any version from 1.8 up to 1.12.
    Developer replies fast and implements wishes asap (like my queue join command and website fix).
    Everything is fully customizeable, simply amazing.
    Keep up the good work!
    I'd love to see more coming from you!
    1. Paul2708
      Author's Response
      Again a big shoutout to you! Thanks for the new ideas and suggestions.
      I am very happy to get so much feedback.
  2. AlonsoAliaga
    Version: 1.1
    Look nice minigame, it would be a minigame for lobby, but i think join game using a note block, or a simple block wouldnt be as attractive for players as join with sign, or a command we could assign to an npc (citizens) or and armod stand (third party plugin).
    Please, add a custom command to join queue like:
    /memory join
    so we can assign it to an npc or armor stand or even a sign.
    Thanks youu!
    1. Paul2708
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review!
      I'm not quite sure if I understood you right, but you can perform /memory to join the queue. Otherwise write me a PM to add more features.
  3. Lazo
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks to this resource, players will have a way to play their games instantly so I think it will be useful for any types of servers.
    1. Paul2708
      Author's Response
      Thanks for testing!
      If there any further suggestions, please contact me :D
  4. jupiter1390
    Version: 1.0
    It would be good if items and game starting block can be customized
    I want not to start with noteblocks because some guys use noteblock
    1. Paul2708
      Author's Response
      Thanks for reviewing the resource!
      That's a very good idea. Be sure to come back in few hours to update your plugin ;)