MemWorth 1.0.2

Quickly create worth.yml file from Minecraft Economy Manager.

  1. hexosse
    Quickly create worth.yml file from Minecraft Economy Manager.

    When creating shops for your server the easiest way is to use essentials worth file (or independent worth file) as it store all item's worth.
    To help us doing so, vagrant326 created MEM for Minecraft Economy Manager which help you to difine each price for each item.
    However, after establishing prices tou still need to create a worth file to use with your favorite economical plugins.
    This where MemWorth come in action. It will simply export all defined prices to a worth file and save you precious time.

    How to use it
    1. download Minecraft Economy Manager
    2. configure Minecraft Economy Manager
    3. export your sheet and name it Minecraft Economy Manager.csv
    4. lanch MemWorth, whether by double cliking it or by running java -jar MemWorth.jar

    MemWorth comes with different options (run java -jar MemWorth.jar -h for a full list of options)
    -c csv file name : java -jar MemWorth.jar -c MyMemFile.csv
    worth file name : java -jar MemWorth.jar -w MyWorthFile.yml
    will generate worth file using item name (this is by default)
    -i will generate worth file using id

    When using Excel, number formating are differents from one country to another.
    For example :
    one thousand will be 1,000 in US formatting and 1 000 in French formatting
    and 1,000.59 in US formatting will be 1 000,59 with French formatting
    That's why I'm using localisation number formatting to extract the worth value.

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