Mengerizer 1.0

Generate Menger Sponges.

  1. deantonious

    This plugin generates a Menger Sponge. In mathematics, the Menger sponge is a fractal curve. It is a three-dimensional generalization of the Sierpinski Carpet. It was first described by Karl Menger in 1926, in his studies of the concept of topological dimension.


    To generate the structure, we use a recursive algorithm following this process...

    Commands & Use

    To generate the sponge, first you need to execute the command /mengerize <size> (in the above image, the sizes are 1, 2 and 3).
    After using the command, you will recive one sponge block, that will generate the menger sponge when placed.

    /mengerize <size>: Gives the generator block [mengerize.use]

Recent Reviews

  1. pollitoyeye
    Version: 1.0
    I like to see mongolizer in action.
    Its really hypnotic seeing those structures generating.
    Would recommend IGN 5/7
    1. deantonious
      Author's Response
      It's designed to admire the beauty of the perfection created by this sponges. Only monguer people can understand it xD
  2. Firefly1337
    Version: 1.0
    The practical use of this plugin is minimal, but it is still fun to watch as a size 5 Menger sponge generates.