MessageAPI 1.4.4

A api for the messages in bukkit coding

  1. TheySeeMeRolling
    This plugin does nothing ingame it is a simple api to edit messages via bukkit coding

    Please import this jar to your build path when using the api

    Importing the plugin
    Code (Text):

    import me.TSMR.MessageAPI.API;
    Logging text to the console
    Code (Text):

    API.logToConsole("&6Supports ChatColor!");
    Broadcasting a message to the whole server
    Code (Text):

    API.broadcast("&6Hello World!");
    Sending a title/subtitle to a player
    Code (Text):

    API.sendTitle(player, EnumTitleAction.TITLE/SUBTITLE, "sup" , 5, 5, 3, ChatColor.GREEN);
    player = Player your sending it to
    EnumTitleAction = What type of title it is
    Message ("sup") = Can be a string of what you want it to say
    fadeInTime (5) = A integer of how long it comes in for
    showTime (5) = A integer of how long it stays on the screen for
    fadeOutTime (3) = A integer of how long it fades away for
    ChatColor (ChatColor.GREEN) = The color you want the title to be

    Sending a title to all players
    Code (Text):

    API.sendTitleToAllPlayers(EnumTitleAction.TITLE/SUBTITLE, "sup", 5, 5, 3, ChatColor.GREEN);
    Sending a message to a player
    Code (Text):

    API.sendMsgToPlayer(Player p, String msg);
    Sending a message to all players
    Code (Text):

    API.sendMsgToAllPlayers(String msg);
    Sending a no permission message to a player
    Code (Text):

    API.sendNoPerm(Player p, String noPermMSG);
    If you want me to add more just point it out in discussion or make a review and say it in there