MessageExtender 1.3.0

Message length unleashed!

  1. Hello83
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Really long message.png
    MessageExtender allows players to extend their messages if the message has a '>' at the end of it. The '>' is automatically replaced with a space. Don't worry though, if there's a double space because the player put a space before the '>', it will replace the double space with a single space! That's all there is to it. It's very simple but can be useful if you can't quite fit that last bit of the sentence in the same message.

    Update 1.3.0!
    Now uses AsyncPlayerChatEvent which may help with compatibility issues!

    messageextender.extend (not required by default. you can require it in the config) (allows the user to see the command help with /messageextender or /mext)
    messageextender.command.reload (allows reloading of config)
    messageextender.command.changemax (allows changing the max message/command length)
    messageextender.command.extend (allows extending of commands)

    /messageextender or /mext
    Permissions are stated above.
    /mext reload
    /mext mesmaxlength <number>
    /mext cmdmaxlength <number>
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