MessageFunction [ABANDONED] 1.2

Modify The Chat, Place Spawn ,Sounds when entering and Welcome Message.

  1. SAnnTi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Plugin created by SAnnTi.
    Languages Supported:
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    MessageFunction, with this plugin you can censor bad words that are said in the chat, you will have a welcome message, place a spawn and go to that spawn that every time a player leaves the server will enter that spawn.

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    /mf : MessageFunction main command. | (NO PERMISSIONS)

    /mf version: See the version of the plugin. | (NO PERMISSIONS)

    /mf reload : Reload the configuration. | Permission => "mf.reload"

    /mf setspawn: Place a spawn. | Permission => "mf.setspawn.use"

    /mf spawn: Go to the spawn located. | (NO PERMISSIONS)

    PlaySound | Permission => "mf.sound.admin"

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    Welcome message:

    Every time a player enters the server a welcome message appears (edit it in config.yml).

    Place a spawn.

    Set a spawn with the / mf setspawn command and target it with / mf spawn.

    Modify Chat:

    Censor bad words that are said in the chat. (unfortunately cannot edit)


    With this, when a player enters his server, a sound will be heard as long as he has permission

    "mf.sound.admin" (Editable in config.yml).


    Minecraft 1.8 sounds are not valid in higher versions.

    Sounds 1.8: Click here

    Sounds 1.9+: Click here

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