MessageManager1101 v1.0

This is a skript for tab, title join, broadcast etc.

  1. sachin_p2000
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9


    This skript is perfect to be able
    to modify the tab,
    send titles and much more.
    Discord: Vlad#9242

    To get all commands, use the /mm
    command in-game and console.

    Variables: {sp} and {player}


    - Skript;
    - SkRayFall;
    - SkQuery

    This skript is totally free.
    You can use, modify and redistribute as you want.
    Remember to credit the original creator.
    Don't copy and re-up into the resource section.

    Discord Support

Recent Reviews

  1. CornANator
    Version: v1.0
    Its pretty good but i tried {sp} for the welcome message doesnt work but i would definatly rate this for the tab and broadcast etc
    1. sachin_p2000
      Author's Response
      You don't need space in welcome messaje. I apply on tab because if you press space does not work, in the title and subtitle are applied.