Messenger 3.0.1

An innovative and engaging way to communicate with players

  1. TheGamingGrunts
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    What is Messenger?
    Messenger is a messaging plugin that provides a fun
    and innovative way to communicate with players.

    Think of it like a mix of Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, but for Minecraft.
    Servers Using Messenger
    PM me to get your server listed here!

    1) Direct Messaging
    2) Contacts

    3) Group Chats (returning soon!)
    4) Other Cool Stuff

    Direct Messaging

    Players can send messages to each other by typing: “@<player> <message>.

    For example, to send “Hi” to SethBling you’d type: “@Sethbling Hi”

    When a player views their inbox, a list will be displayed containing a preview of each message. The player can view each message in full by hovering over each preview. To reply, the player only needs to click on the message and the chat window will open.


    Players can also send images to each other by pasting the image URL into the text bar.



    Players can add other players to their contact list for faster & easier communication.


    Group Chats

    These have been temporarily removed pending complete
    Other Cool Stuff
    1) PlayerCard
    When hovering over the header bar (thing with ---[Messenger]---) a pop-up will be displayed with your name, score, contacts, and online status. The player card will also be displayed for each player in your inbox.

    2) Score
    Score is based on every message you send and receive, like Snapchat.



    1) View any player’s Inbox/Contacts
    2) Pastebin Message Reports

    View Any Player’s Inbox/Contacts
    Admins can view a player's current inbox, as well as their contact list. When doing so, admins will have the EXACT same view that the respective player would (player card and all)



    Pastebin Message Reports

    Admins can generate a report of every message a player has ever sent, including time and to whom.
    An example:

    [] denotes optional parameters. <> denotes required parameters
    1. /msg
    Permission: none
    Displays your inbox

    2. /msg contacts
    Permission: none
    Displays your contact list

    3. /msg <add | remove> <player>
    Permission: none
    Adds/Removes a player from your contacts

    4. /msg preference [mute] [player]
    Permission: none
    Access preferences. Mute will mute/unmute a player and prevent them from sending you messages

    5. /msg search <player>
    Permission: None
    Search for a player. Search results with the top 5 closest matches will be displayed. Click on a name to begin a message to the player.

    6. /msga view <messages | contacts> <player> [page #]
    Permission: messenger.admin
    View a player's inbox/contacts.
    Page # is optional - defaults to 1.

    7. /msga report <player>
    Permission: messenger.admin
    Generate a Pastebin report for a player
    This is as simple as placing the .jar in your plugins
    folder. On the first startup you might get an error. This is because the config.yml has just been generated and doesn't contain your MySQL database details. Once you enter those, you'll be good to go.

    Nearly everything is configurable, with more coming in the future. Here's an example (default) config file:

    In addition, most messages sent by the plugin, as well as their format, are configurable in the messages.yml file.

    Messenger API

    API documentation can be found here (I try to keep this up-to-date):

    Upcoming Features

    1) Cross-server messaging (BungeeCord or other means)
    2) Bring back group chats!
    ...and more!

    This plugin uses bstats, a more functional version of mcstats, to collect basic information about servers using the plugin. You can disable this in the bstats configuration file.

    Bug Reports & Feature Requests

    If you find any bugs or want to suggest features, please let me know on the discussion page!
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Recent Updates

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