Messenger 3.0.1

An innovative and engaging way to communicate with players

  1. The BIG Update

    Before I get to the contents of this update, I want to say that I'm sorry for neglecting this plugin for so long. Life got in the way and, unfortunately, I wasn't able to dedicate a lot of time to managing my plugins. I will try to be much more consistent from here on out.

    Updated to support Minecraft versions 1.10+. This should fix some nasty errors you may be seeing if you've been running those versions.

    Features Added
    Player Search Engine
    Type in any part of a name and the engine will deliver up to 5 best matches, ranked from best to worst.
    Click on any of the names in the results to start a message!
    /msg search <query>

    Though basic at the moment, players can set preferences. At the moment there are only 2:

    1) Mute: block a player from sending you messages
    2) Send: The admin version of muting any player. This will prevent them from sending any player DMs

    /msg preference mute <player>
    Admin command will be implemented shortly.

    Player Online Status in PlayerCard
    The online status of a player will now be displayed in their player card

    Intelligent Tab Complete
    Added tab complete for commands. All command suggestions will be ranked in order from most to least used and will be different for each player.

    Important Changes/Updates
    1) Moved plugin message configuration from config.yml to messages.yml. If updating from a previous version, please make sure to transfer your message configurations to the new file. In addition, please be sure to add the following entries, if needed:
    content-print-pgs: '&cPage <#> of <pgs>. '
    content-print-pgnext: '&cClick here for next page.'
    content-print-nothing: '&cNothing to show here :('
    message-send-preference: '&cYour preferences do not allow you to send messages.'
    cmd-pref-invalid: '&c Invalid preference.'
    2) Changed database table names to include the prefix "messenger_". If updating from a previous version, the plugin should automatically rename these tables.
    3) Player Cards are now supported in all Messenger-related chat. In the future this might be expanded to "global" chat.
    4) Updated the cache to contain an index of all player names and UUIDs to improve plugin access speed. This will slightly increase memory usage as this is where all the information will be stored during runtime.
    5) Much faster & smoother loading of inbox and contacts

    Bug Fixes
    1) Fix a bug that could prevent score from being properly cached.
    2) Dozens of internal optimizations to improve plugin speed, stability, and efficiency

    API and Development Notes
    1) Updated JavaDocs
    2) In progress - Ability to create "fake" players that can send messages to anyone as if it were a real player. This "player" can be given any name, for example the name of your plugin. This can also be useful for RPG servers.

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