Metal Detectors | Easily find ores | Advanced detectors | 1.8x - 1.13x 1.3.0

Easily find ores using the advanced MetalDetectors. Make survival easy again!

  1. Important update!

    Added bStats support. With bStats I'm able to check how many times my plugin is being used, where and lots more. You can disable it by going to: "plugins folder -> bStats -> config.yml -> set enabled to false".
    Added fully compatibility for 1.8x - 1.13x. Before the plugin was coded in 1.12.2, but as the sound names were different in 1.8,1.9 and 1.13, it gave an error when enabling the plugin and then it shut itself down. Also the item names got fixed as they are different in 1.13.
  2. New Option + Open Customizer via Workbench

    Introducing a new option for the metal detectors!
    Enable metal glowing to let the metal glow when they're found. You can enable this option by typing: /metaldetector glowing OR by using the customizer.

    You can now open the customizer by right-clicking a CraftingTable/Workbench with a valid detector.
    Left-clicking only works when the gamemode is different than Creative.

    Fixed a bug where the Diamond Detector only added the highest metal...
  3. Customizer GUI

    Introducing the MetalDetector Customizer GUI
    Use this customizer to easily edit your metal Detectors
    Enable/Disable all possible options in the gui.

    Open the gui by typing: /metaldetector customize