MetaTeleportDelay 1.0.1

Meta-based teleport delay for EssentialsX and LuckPerms users.

  1. triagonal
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    • 1.16
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    MetaTeleportDelay is a small plugin to allow for customizable teleport delay times based on user/group meta. This plugin was originally written for members of the M.O.S.S. discord server, and has been made available here and on GitHub for others to use.

    This plugin requires EssentialsX 2.18.0 or above and a recent version of LuckPerms!

    This plugin uses bStats for metrics collection. You can disable metrics collection by using the global bStats config, located at /plugins/bStats/config.yml.

    How to use:

    MetaTeleportDelay uses LuckPerms' meta system to determine the teleport delay for a user. Set user or group based meta with the key essx-teleport-delay to define a delay. The value of the meta pair will always override the value in the EssentialsX config, even if the values are the same.

    If you don't know how LuckPerms' meta works, refer to their wiki:,-Suffixes-&-Meta and

    - /lp group vip meta set essx-teleport-delay 5.5 will give the vip group a teleport delay of 5.5 seconds.
    - /lp user epicgamer420 meta set essx-teleport-delay 1 will give the player "epicgamer420" a teleport delay of 1 second.
    - /lp group default meta set essx-teleport-delay 10 dimension-type=the_nether will give the default group a teleport delay of 10 seconds if they are currently inside the nether dimension.
    - /lp group admin meta set essx-teleport-delay 0 will give the admin group a teleport delay of 0 seconds, which makes their teleports instant.

    Players or teleport sources with essentials.teleport.timer.bypass are able to bypass the teleport delay as normal.

Recent Updates

  1. Add metrics, Move to Spigot for downloads