Meteor Storms 1.9.2

Bombard your worlds with space rocks!

  1. sword7
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Meteor Storms adds randomly spawning meteors to Minecraft worlds. When a meteor approaches, all online players will begin receiving alerts reporting the time until impact. The alerts also contain the location of the impact zone.


    - - - General - - -
    /observatory - check for incoming meteors
    /summonmeteor [meteor] - spawn a meteor at target block
    /summonmeteor [meteor] [world] [x] [z] - spawn a meteor
    - - - Fun - - -
    /observatorysong - play the astral observatory song


    Meteors will not spawn without first setting up a storm. A storm will randomly spawn meteors over an area. To create a storm, you must use one of the /storm create commands. The storm will use the sender's location as the storm's center.
    Storm Commands
    /storms - list all storms
    /storm list - list all storms
    /storm help - display storm commands
    /storm create [storm] - create a storm
    /storm edit [storm] - edit a storm
    /storm rename [old] [new] - rename a storm
    /storm delete [storm] - remove a storm

    You can create as many storms as you want! Use /storms or /storm list to view all active storms.

    When editing the spawn clock of a storm, the mean setting represents the mean rate (in minutes) that meteors will appear. The deviation setting represents the standard deviation of the spawn rate.


    Meteor Types:
    Meteor types can be created through using an in depth graphical interface. Meteors can be assigned size ranges, block chances for each layer, loot pools triggered by assignable source blocks, and effects that activate for a short period after impact. Meteor types can be managed by using the following commands:
    Meteor Type Commands
    /meteor list - list all meteors
    /meteor help - display meteor commands
    /meteor create - create a meteor
    /meteor createfrom [meteor] - create a meteor from a template
    /meteor edit [meteor] - edit a meteor
    /meteor rename [old] [new] - rename a meteor
    /meteor delete [meteor] - remove a meteor


    Website Companion
    Meteor Storms comes with web page templates for an alert banner and observatory page. You can download the web files here.


    World Protection:
    Meteors will not spawn in regions protected by the following plugins:

    Additionally the plugin supports rollbacks using Core Protect. Placed meteor blocks will be registered under "meteorstorms".


    Meteor Storms will automatically detect and display icons if a dynmap is being used. Meteor icons will appear for the duration of the impact countdown.


    • meteorstorms.* - grants all permissions
    • meteorstorms.summon - grants access to /summonmeteor commands
    • meteorstorms.meteor - grants access to /meteor commands
    • meteorstorms.storms - grants access to /storm commands
    • - grants access to /observatorysong


Recent Updates

  1. 1.16 & Weighted loot bug fix

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    But, i have a question, how can we rollback with CoreProtect ?
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