MeteoritesPro v1.5.3

The Ultimate Meteorites Plugin

  1. v1.3

    New Features:
    • MeteoritesPro now interacts with GriefPrevention!
      You can now make sure that no random meteorites will spawn in or near claimed areas. You can set a buffer zone amount (the number of blocks around claims to keep safe) in the config file.
    • Run commands at launch (with launch location placeholders)
    • Run commands at landing (with landing location placeholders)
    • Send customizable message at landing.
    • Run specific commands per possible treasure guardian when a player interacts with a treasure. Location and playername placeholders are usable.
    • An option to only run commands upon treasure interaction and not spawn a guardian.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the particles would keep spawning at the spawn location of the meteorites when it spawned in an unloaded chuck for ever.
    • Improved the way the plugin handles safe zones, both for WorldGuard and GriefPrevention.
    • Added location placeholders to some messages.
    • Edited some config descriptions/explanations.
    • Make sure you regenerate the new config settings if you want to use them!
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