MeteoritesPro v1.5.3

The Ultimate Meteorites Plugin

  1. v1.4

    New Features:
    • You can now configure multiple types of meteorites at the same time!
      They can be shot individually through the command '/mp shoot <MeteoriteName>'.
      Customizable settings per meteorite are:
      * Chance: The random chance of this meteorite appearing
      * Core, inner and outer layer block types
      * Inner and outer layer size
      * Chat message and commands at launch
      * Speed
      * Clean-up interval (New*)
    • Meteorite Clean-up*: You can now set a clean-up interval per meteorite. This will remove all of the meteorite's blocks and it's treasure after a certain amount of seconds.
    • Shoot random meteorites in your configured zone using the new command '/mp shootrandom'. This command comes with a new permission: 'meteoritespro.shootrandom'.
    • A new, Icy Meteorite has been added to the new default config file!
    • Changed the internal structure of the plugin's meteorite handling to support multiple meteorites.
    • Changed the structure of the default config file to support multiple meteorites.
    • Edited some setting's descriptions in the config file.
    • Make sure you regenerate the new config settings if you want to use this version of the plugin, config files used in older versions will no longer work with v1.4 and up!
    • Treasure, treasure guardians, particles and explosion settings are not configurable per meteorite as of now, this will be a thing in future updates.
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