MeteoritesPro v1.5.3

The Ultimate Meteorites Plugin

  1. v1.5.3 - Support for 1.16.1

    New Minecraft Version:
    • MeteoritesPro now supports Minecraft 1.16.1
    • The 'meteorite not randomly spawning in not-generated/unloaded chunks'-bug is still a thing in this version.
    • The total recode MeteoritesPro v2.0.0 is currently in development, this new version will contain some new features and also hope to fix this bug.
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  2. v1.5.2

    Bug Fix:
    • Fixed a bug where the players without the meteoritespro.shoot permission would still be able to shoot meteorites.

    • MeteoritesPro is the first public plugin I ever created. It will receive a complete recode & thus a substantial update this summer, after my exams, stay tuned.
    • Thanks for the incredible amount of support and downloads, you guys rock!
  3. v1.5.1

    New Feature:
    • You can now setup MeteoritesPro so random meteorites will not fall in/near ANY WorldGuard region. This includes claiming plugins that work with WorldGuard regions.
    • Meteorite Guardians will no longer spawn inside of blocks and suffocate.
    • Improved certain parts of the code.
    • Make sure...
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  4. v1.5.0 - Support for Minecraft 1.15

    MeteoritesPro will now support Minecraft servers up to 1.15.

    • Because of the performance updates in Minecraft 1.15, meteorites with an explosion power of 0 will no longer maintain their round shape when landing in 1.15 (See picture above). However there will be a performance boost for meteorites with high diameter / explosion power.
    • If you're using the Worldguard /...
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  5. Tweak

    Minor Tweak:
    • Added a message that states your available meteorite names when you use an invalid name. I did this because a lot people were asking the names of the default meteorites, (they're in the config).
      The two default meteorites are called '1' and '2'.
    • Massive thanks for all of the support guys. You guys have really blown me away with all of it. Stay tuned for more projects from me coming soon...
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  6. Tweaks

    • Updated the in-game help menu to display the new '/mp shoot <name>' syntax and contain the new '/mp shootrandom' command.
    • Updated the plugin's page 'Commands & Permissions' image.
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  7. v1.4

    New Features:
    • You can now configure multiple types of meteorites at the same time!
      They can be shot individually through the command '/mp shoot <MeteoriteName>'.
      Customizable settings per meteorite are:
      * Chance: The random chance of this meteorite appearing
      * Core, inner and outer layer block types
      * Inner and outer layer size
      * Chat message and commands at launch
      * Speed
      * Clean-up interval...
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  8. v1.3

    New Features:
    • MeteoritesPro now interacts with GriefPrevention!
      You can now make sure that no random meteorites will spawn in or near claimed areas. You can set a buffer zone amount (the number of blocks around claims to keep safe) in the config file.
    • Run commands at launch (with launch location placeholders)
    • Run commands at landing (with landing location placeholders)
    • Send customizable...
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  9. Minor Tweaks

    Minor Tweaks:
    • Removed some unnecessary console messages.
    • Description changes in the default config file.
    • Some minor performance optimization throughout the entire plugin.
    • Because so many of you suggested it, GriefPrevention integration is on the way, stay tuned! :giggle:
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  10. Bug Fix

    Bug Fix:
    • Fixed a bug where the plugin wouldn't correctly detect whether an option or complete section of the config file was absent. This didn't have much of an effect until now, but caused serious errors when dealing with the new particle feature.
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