MF Hoppers - Multi Functional Hoppers! 2.21-FINAL

Upgrades ~ Perfect Performance ~ Break ~ Crop ~ Mob ~ Grind ~ Unique ~ Linking ~ Auto Sell

  1. Royalix
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Ashly (Support team), Krow (Icon Designer), Dark_Stark2(Support Team), Tobiti (Current Maintainer)
    After 2 years of maintaining it, we believe that it is more beneficial for us as we don't have the time to continue to work on it.
    Please take your time and fill this form if you have been using MFHoppers for some time.


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    MF Hoppers - is a best free hoppers plugin out there, why?
    It brings Grind, Crop, Mob, Break hoppers in one!
    Author always accepts suggestions.
    The plugin runs almost fully asynchronous!
    Have I mentioned about our support?!
    I can promise you that you will get an answer to your question in less than 24 hours, usually less than hour, if not sleeping, but if I am, our support team will help you


    Fast Support Team
    Break Hopper
    Break Particles
    Crop Hoppers
    Mob Hoppers
    Create As Many Hoppers As You Want, No limits!
    Always improving..
    Grind Hoppers
    Performance Is Amazing!

    Convert Your Hoppers With A GUI!
    Hopper Limit Per level!

    Hoppers linking with containers
    Hoppers are able to autoSell

    Able to create hoppers within GUI
    Hoppers able to load Chunks

    #It auto saves on disable, so in case of an crash, would recommend to save it every few. The value is in seconds!
    saveEvery: 60


    #There's 4 types of hopper: BREAK, CROP, GRIND, MOB
    #Break Upgradable values

    #Grind Upgradable values

    #Crop Upgradable values

    #Mob Upgradable values

    type: Grind
    limitPerChunk: -1 #-1 no limit
    name: "&8[&aMobGrind&8] &7Hopper"
    - "&7This hopper teleports specified monster type"
    - "&7To it's location & freezes them"
    - "&a&l* &7Current mob: %type%"
    should_drop_from_explosions: true #This options makes that hopper drops from explosions.
    mob: PIG
    - "PIG"
    #Is isAuto is true
    damage: 0.2
    time: 10
    type: Mob
    limitPerChunk: -1
    name: "&8[&aMob&8] &7Hopper"
    - "&7This hopper picks up mob drops!"
    should_drop_from_explosions: true
    type: Crop
    limitPerChunk: -1
    name: "&8[&aCrop&8] &7Hopper"
    should_drop_from_explosions: true
    - "&7This hopper picks up crops!"
    - "CACTUS"
    should_drop_from_explosions: true
    type: Break
    limitPerChunk: -1
    name: "&8[&aBreak&8]&7 Hopper"
    - "Auto breaks blocks above it"
    breakEvery: 10
    - "DIAMOND_ORE:10" #Specify the amount that will drop, or use for example: 1-5 so it will choose random number between them!
    should_drop_from_explosions: true
    type: Break
    limitPerChunk: -1
    particle: CLOUD
    name: "&8[&aBreak&8]&7 Hopper (&a1&7)"
    - "Auto breaks blocks above it"
    breakEvery: 10
    - "DIAMOND_ORE:1-4"
    breakEvery: 8
    limitPerChunk: -1
    priceType: XP
    price: 1000
    particle: SPLASH
    name: "&8[&aBreak&8]&7 Hopper (&a2&7)"
    - "Auto breaks blocks above it"
    - "DIAMOND_ORE:2-5"

    title: "&aChange your grinder mob!"
    name: "&b%type%"
    - "&7Change your grinder type to %type%"
    - "&b&l* &7Price: $%price%"
    default-price: 1000

    #You can add own prices by specifying Entity name & price
    #Ex: COW;1500
    #Note: Entity names come from

    - "COW:1500"

    #Don't want an entity to show up in gui?
    #Add it below
    #Note: Entity names come from

    - "GIANT"
    - "WITHER"

    #Should hoppers level reset after convert by default it will
    shouldLevelResetAfterConvert: true

    #Allow convert upgraded hoppers
    allowConvertUpgradedHoppers: true

    title: "&3&lUPGRADE HOPPER"
    name: "&b&lINFO"
    material: PAPER
    - "&b&l* &7Level: &b%lvl%"
    - "&b&l* &7Type: &b%type%"
    - "&b&l* &7Name: &b%name%"
    filler_color: "CYAN"
    material: DIAMOND_BLOCK
    name: "&b&lUPGRADE"
    - "&7Click to upgrade your hopper from level &b%lvl% &7to &b%nextlvl%"
    title: "&3&lConvert Hopper"
    itemPricePlaceholder: "&b&l* &7Price: &b%price%$"
    - "hopper1:1000"

    Because our wiki is down, here's explanation of things.

    MF Hoppers Permissions

    mfh.reload - access to /mfh reload
    mfh.give - access to /mfh give
    mfh.linkhopper - access to linking hoppers to chests
    mfh.convert - access to /converthopper


    Linking Hopper
    1. Execute /linkHopper while looking at an hopper
    2. Click an container (Shulker Box, Dropper, Chest, etc.)

    Upgrading Hopper
    In order to upgrade an hopper, it must have upgrades.
    By default there's one upgradable hopper
    called "upgradableHopper"
    Then when the hopper with upgrades is placed, shift + click hopper
    A menu should pop out.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ahascul
    Version: 2.21-FINAL
    Not Worth ! Buy Upgradeable Hoppers and all problem gone ! .................................
  2. wuffure
    Version: 2.21-FINAL
    Just downloaded this plugin for my server. However, we do not use economy is there a way to remove the economy? i changed value to "$0" but it still doesn't work. Sadly the discord link is broken so i could not join the server, got a few more questions to ask regarding the use
  3. aerospot
    Version: 3.19
    Please this 1.16.3 compatiable ive been looking for this type of plugin for ages
  4. blakeplays02
    Version: 3.19
    I had no issues with this plugin during my test phase on my server. But now that more people join, I had the constant issue of being told "it doesn't pick up every drop." So I had to uninstall and find a new plugin. Nothing against this plugin or the developers (which is why I gave 5 stars).
    1. Royalix
      Author's Response
      Hello, I'm afraid that you had issues with our plugin. It sounds like you've encountered a bug. Instead of finding new plugin should've reported it to us at our discord server in case it's not server specific bug so others wouldn't encounter it also.
  5. BlackIIX
    Version: 3.19
    Absolutely AMAZING support and plugin, recommended 10/10.
    I messaged an admin on there discord server and got a response in below 30 seconds. What he said worked and now im reviewing this insanely good free product.
  6. brandenplayzz
    Version: 3.19
    The best plugin I've seen for a very long time easy to config with multiple different options amazing and fast response times on support tickets on their discord if you are looking for something custom to add to your server this is it and your player will really enjoy it 10/10 for plugin and support
  7. xNekio
    Version: 3.19
    Thanks, I was just looking for a plugin like this some months ago and I just found this one, and even a free one.

    Keep up the amazing work!
  8. ragerys
    Version: 3.19
    Great plugins, really love this. It makes all the auto farms easier.
    But not yet working in 1.16.1. Hopes this will get updated soon.
    I'll wait for this plugin to update before upgrading my server to 1.16.1.
  9. kocy
    Version: 3.19
    I am huge fan of this kind of hopper feature, especially one who came from Songoda's crappy EpicHopper plugin who was clueless on fixing bugs and zero support, this hopper feature is very good, just a bit GUI unfriendly.

    The reason i give 4 is because somehow, I can`t make my server not need to "/mfh cleanWrongHopper" everytime server restarts because it broke. Thats a bummer. I did ask the dev but he also clueless.

    Another case is like today, where my hopper completely stops working, even after restart, it still not working. But I completely blame the most recent PaperSpigot as currently too much changes that breaks plugin features.

    Likewise, I suggest this plugin were best used for small server and not 1.15.2. Support was good.
  10. ChicoSalchicha
    Version: 3.19
    I had a little bug with my version, but it was talking to support and fixing it almost instantly. Thank you very much for your service and attention !!
    100% recomendable this Plugin !!