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Chat in multiple groups & manage groups

  1. PauLeK
    MGroups - version 1.0
    I will upload a detailed video soon and pictures as well.
    Create your own groups and manage them as well, each group has an unlimited amount of ranks that can be added and members as well.

    The config file contains several messages and configurations for players' climaxes, such as setting a limit for the amount of groups that a player can own or setting a limit for the amount of groups that a player can be a member of, that ALSO includes the groups they OWN.

    As of now, there's only player commands to manage the groups and view the list of all groups as well as viewing groups information. Soon enough and I will add commands for ops to manage groups with specific permission (Ops will be able to remove groups, remove owners/ranks/, change groups names)

    Brief explanation: (A new feature which will be added soon is the ability to turn off the group chat as a moderator)

    As a group owner you have the ability to do the following:
    Remove players/mods, invite players, add ranks, remove ranks, change the group's name, change the group's chat color, disband the group completely from the server.

    As a group moderator (Owners can add ranks that are fixed moderators):
    Invite players, remove players, change members ranks

    As a group member: (A new feature will be added soon: the ability to toggle group chats to avoid unnecessary spam if needed)
    Chat with different members, leave the group

    /g help - self explanatory
    /g create - Create a new group
    /g chat - Message a group you're in
    /g invite - Invite another player to your group
    /g remove - Removes a player from your group
    /g info - Display info about a group
    /g setrank - Change a member's group rank
    /g leave - Leave a group you're in
    /g disband - Destroy your own group
    /g list - Lists all the groups you're in
    /g listall - Lists all the server groups
    /g rename - Rename a group you own
    /g rank - Manage ranks of a group you own
    /g save - Save all server groups

    mgroup.player.* - all abilities as a player
    mgroup.player.create - create a group - chat in a group
    mgroup.player.invite - invite a player to a group as a moderator
    mgroup.player.remove - remove a player from a group as a moderator
    mgroup.player.join - the ability to accept group invitations - retrieve information about a group/player's group
    mgroup.player.leave - the ability to leave a group you're in
    mgroup.player.list - the ability to view the groups you're in
    mgroup.player.disband - the ability to disband a group as an owner
    mgroup.player.rename - the ability to rename a group as an owner
    mgroup.player.setrank - the ability to change someone's rank as a moderator
    mgroup.player.rank - the ability to manage ranks as a group owner
    mgroup.op.* - all abilities as an op, manage groups etc... - save all server groups
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    Version: 1.1
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    Version: 1.0
    Amazing Plugin, Really helpful for enyone. You have done a great job and I really appreciate your work mate. Keep it up, you are the best!
  3. LioranPeretz
    Version: 1.0
    Great idea!
    love this plugin very much!
    5 stars for you!
    hope you make more complicated plugin later!
    1. PauLeK
      Author's Response
      Appreciate it man. Will work on an update soon as well.