MHBungeeTools 1.1.0

Bungee side whitelist | Auto two-way server teleport when restart | Teleport/join/leave broadcast

  1. Xzavier0722
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Languages Supported:
    Configurable in config file
    I have not tested on any version that lower than 1.16. But it should work on other higher version servers.

    What is MHBungeeTools:

    MHBungeeTools is a toolkit for bungee network. It included some useful features such as basic server teleportation, auto-teleport when server restart, bungee side whitelist, etc.

    Function descreption:

    - Whitelist

    This allowed you to manage whitelist on bungee side instead of enable on all subservers. For now, the identifier is player name only whatever you enabled online-mod or not (this means the paid accounts also cannot login if they changed their name). You can enable/disable whitelist function in config.

    - Server teleport
    Player can use command to teleport to any subserver in this network. This will not require any special configuration to use! In addation, you can add teleport cool down to prevent players from teleporting maliciously.

    - Automatic two-way teleportation when server restart
    Players will be teleported to another subserver with a custom message when the original subserver closed and teleport back automatically when it restarted. You can set the fallback priority in config.yml to determine the teleport order. Leave it blank to disable this feature.

    - Broadcast global message when player join/leave the network.
    - Broadcast random message when player teleporting between subservers.
    - Others more in future... Your suggestions and ideas are welcome!

    Commands and Permissions:

    The commands in this section only allowed to use by player.
    Please use spigot permission manager plugin to manage these permissions.

    /mbt hub <ServerName>
    - Teleport to target server.
    - No permission required

    /mbt hub <Player> <Server>
    - Teleport specific player to target server.
    - mbt.hub.other

    /mbt whitelist add/del <Player>
    - Add/remove specific player name into whitelist.
    - mbt.whitelist
    Please use bungee side permission control to manage the permission in this section. This is different from spigot side permission control.
    /whitelist add/del <Player>
    - Add/remove specific player name into whitelist.
    - mbt.whitelist

    - List the player count for all subservers.
    - mbt.list

    1. Make sure the 'bungeecord' option is set as true in spigot.yml.
    2. Put the plugin into the plugins folder in both bungee and spigot side.
    3. Restart your server.
    4. Config and restart again.

    Config file:

    - Bungee:

    Code (Text):

    #Show debug information
    Verbose: false

    #Enable whitelist feature
    Whitelist: false

    #The subserver status scan interval in seconds
    #Please do not set the interval too long. Large interval may cause the players cannot teleport back timely.
    RefreshInterval: 5

    #The player teleport cool down in seconds
    TeleportInterval: 3

    #Should broadcast the global message when player teleport between subservers?
    BroadcastServerTeleport: true

    #Should broadcast the global message when player join/leave the bungee network?
    BroadcastPlayerJoinLeave: true

    #The fallback server priority. It will check from top to bottom until find an available server.
      - "Server1"
      - "Server2"
      - "Server3"

    #All the messages which will show to players are configurable in this section.
    #In here, I only list the special items.

      #The message list for server teleport. Plugin will randomly select one in each trigger.
      #Avaliable placeholder: {PlayerName}, {ServerFrom}, {ServerTo}, {PlayerRandom}.
      #{PlayerRandom} will display a random player's name from online players. This allowed you to define some interesting message :)
        - "&bPlayer &e{PlayerName} &bswitched server: &a{ServerFrom} &7-> &d{ServerTo}"
        - "&bAnother message..."
    - Spigot:
    Code (Text):

    #Time to pause the stop process in milliseconds
    #Due to a short time is required for bungee side processing the teleport request, a stop delay should be set to prevent the server from kicking the players before teleportation.
    #If you find some players cannot be teleported, please increase this number.
    StopDelay: 1000

    #Few messages should be configured in here.

    If you find any bugs or any features suggestion, feel free to PM me!
    Want to shorter or redefine your commands? Check this: CommandFilter