Midnight Library 1.0

A short library with a thing that probably no other one can do!

  1. BadBoy6767
    Midnightas (BadBoy6767)
    A library created in his free time by Midnightas, this library can do some things with players, and can manage plugins using REFLECTIONS...
    It can DISABLE commands using REFLECTIONS...
    Register commands using REFLECTIONS...

    And other stuff soon that will be using... probably not reflections but PROBABLY...
    Now, where was i?
    I will create a documentation for MidLib soon!

    Server owners:
    If any of the plugins you got require MidLib, then do this to install it:
    • Stop Server
    • Place the Midnight Library JAR into your plugins folder
    • Start Server
    Thats it!
    Now, for developing for MidLib will be more difficult.
    Here is the full tutorial on the Wiki:
    Currently only about adding dynamic commands.