Milk 1.4

Milk now gives hunger!

  1. The Saturation Update

    I have added saturation to your milk, so you don't need to drink as much!

    If updating from versions 1.3.1 or below remember to add a "
    Saturation-Amount: 5" to your config, it will not do it automatically.

    The default saturation is 5, which is about the saturation of uncooked beef.

    You can set the saturation using "/setmilksaturation {value}" (permission: milk.setmilksaturation)

    To match the saturation command the /setmilk command has been re-named "/setmilkfood {Value}", the permission...
  2. Statistics Update

    I added bstats
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  3. The command update

    You can now change how much hunger milk will restore using a new command!

    /setmilk (value)
    permission: milk.setmilk​
    The command will automatically update the config's value, so no need to change that later.
  4. Fixed a single issue

    Fixed an issue where the plugin wouldn't load on certain MC versions.
  5. The config update

    You can now change the amount of hunger each bucket of milk restores!
  6. The Java8 update

    I swapped the java version its compiled against from 14 to 8 for compatibility reasons.