Minator - Clever AI | Free version 7.0

This plugin reads your mind!

  1. ForSoft
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Languages Supported:
    English (free) | German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Dutch, Polish (paid)

    You are viewing the free version - with this version you CAN NOT use Minator in all languages and you CAN NOT edit the config!
    Click here for the full version!

    Think about a real or fictional character, the plugin will try to guess who it is. Your players will never get bored again with this plugin!

    Support via PM in this forum!

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    Video tutorial

    Warning: This is the free version with limited features. Buy the full version here :)

    The Questions in the free version are only avaible in English!

    Many other languages (German, French, Spanish, ...) are avaible in the paid version!

    In the free version you can only use English!

    In the full version you can set your language in the config (see below).
    Also, you can translate every message into your own language in the full version.

    (Want questions in another language? Contact me!)

    Server using Minator
    [write a PM to add yours]

    How it works
    We (ForSoft) are providing a big cloud to process your answers very quickly. With a very clever AI (artificial intelligence) we are in a position to choose your character from a very huge database very fast. The AI will improve itself every game! Nearly every (famous) person is known,
    independently of your language.
    You don't believe? Contact me via PM to get access to the testserver!

    We like simple setups! This plugin is ready to run out of the box! Just drag and drop the plugin to the plugin folder - finish! If you want to, you can configure some simple things in the config, but you do not have to do that.


    Play: minator.play
    Admin: minator.admin

    Also, we will automaticly send you a PM (private message) to you atfer you purchase this plugin with a simple instruction how to setup Minator on your server!

    • Lightweight and simple to use
    • no external dependencies
    • good code quality
    • fun to play
    • strong and fast backend
    • many languages (in full version)

    Reasons to buy the plugin

    • unique plugin on spigot
    • awesome PM support
    • access to all updates
    • your suggestions are implemented


    We hate complex commands. So there is only one command and all other things are done in a very simple GUI! That's nice, isn't it?

    Just type /minator to open the GUI!
    Do you wan't to click an NPC to open the GUI? No Problem!
    Just install a free plugin like CommandNPC and link the /minator command!

    To reload config, type /minator rl.

    We love simple configs! So the config of Minator is very simple and preconfigured. Take a look into it!

    You can only edit the config in the full version!

    Code (Text):
    #Minator by ForSoft
    #Current servers: de, fr, en, es, cn
    server: 'en'

        inventory_name: 'Minator GUI'
        name: 'Minator'
        tutorial: 'Think about a real or fictional character!'
        start: 'Start'
        loading_text: 'Loading...'
        'yes': 'Yes'
        'no': 'No'
        dontknow: 'Do not know'
        probably: 'Probably'
        probablynot: 'Probably not'
        notfound: 'Sorry, I do not know your person!'
        loading_symbol: '...'
        question_number: 'Question:'
        no_description: 'No description available'
        i_think_of: 'I think of:'
        pre_question: '&7'
        question_firstline: '&aMinator: &7'



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    Important: This resource needs connection to the internet to connect to our cloud and process your answers!
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Recent Updates

  1. 15.07.2018 | improve cache
  2. 14.07.2018 | new persons
  3. 13.07.2018 | fixed minor backend error

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      Thank you :))
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    amazing plugins. Add features. I guessed? and options yes / no. Because I can not always guess Sorry for my eng
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      Thanks for your review. Please give us ideas to add via PM and not in the review section.
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    So far loving the plugin! I don't have the paid version (yet? Who knows :p) so I don't know of the difference, but seeing how nice the free version is, I would have high expectations of the paid version.

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      Thanks for this awesome review :)