Mine and Fight v1.0.0beta


  1. ryokno
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    ryokno, yokmama, ZOI
    Languages Supported:
    Japanese, English
    Mine and Fight
    - Commands

    • /mineandfight or /mf
    • /mf host <start/create/delete/list> [gameName]
    • /mf <join/leave/list> [gameName]
    - Usage
    • First, install "World Editor".
    • Make the game map; use stones on the inside (some stones will replace with ores), and use other blocks on the outside (players cannot break them).
    • Set the range of the game map with "World Editor".
    • Run the command: /mf host create [gameName].
    • Players can run the command to join: /mf join [gameName].
    • And you can run the command to start the game: /mf host start [gameName].
    - Game rules
    • You can move only the inside of the game map.
    • Mine ores and fight with other players.
    • If you kill the player, you will get a bounty.
    • points to get when you mine ores will increase by your bounties.
    • However, if you are killed by the other player, your bounties will reset and the player will get points as same amount your bounties.
    • In the time limit, the player who has the highest points is a winner.
    - Features
    • You cannot win by only mining, or only fighting.
    • Bounties help to get a lot of points.
    • Least dying is the safest way to victory.


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