MineBay | Player Auction Rooms ♣ 1.8 - 1.16 ♣ Multilanguage ♣ GUI-based ♣ Tax 4.2.2

Easy to use auction system - With player auction rooms!

  1. Update

    NOTE: If you are updating from an older version, please delete the config.yml and let it generate a new one!

    Changes with v1.2:
    BIG update (Yes, the wait was worth it)!

    - Changed some design-specific things
    - Added "back" button (finally :D)
    - Added button to create a room in the auction rooms gui
    - Added confirm guis when buying rooms/items
    - Shift-clicking tax increase/decrease button will now increase/decrease the value by 10%
    - Same with slots (buy/sell 5 slots at once)
    - Added option to disable selling slots/rooms
    - Added option to change how much money you get for selling a slot/room
    - Added permission to allow colored room names
    - Added some more room icon blocks/items and option to set custom blocks/items as icons (price can be changed)
    - Added update checker (can be disabled)
    - Added command tab completion
    - Added option to disallow room creation (Players with permission can still create rooms, normal users can't)
    - Maybe i forgot something, but that's all i've noted down

    Thanks to @Ceroish for many of the update ideas!
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