MineBay | Player Auction Rooms ♣ 1.8 - 1.16 ♣ Multilanguage ♣ GUI-based ♣ Tax 4.2.2

Easy to use auction system - With player auction rooms!

  1. 4.2.2

    Changes with v4.2.2:
    - You can now change the default name of player auction rooms in the config (suggested by @wellimlookingfor)
  2. 4.2.1

    Changes with version 4.2.1:
    - Fixed MrCore dependency not being downloaded automatically (thanks to @iCaitlyn for reporting)
  3. 4.2

    Changes with v4.2:
    - Updated to MrCore v2.7 to add support for MC 1.16
  4. v4.1

    Changes with v4.1:
    - Fixed incomplete support for BigDecimal money values (Reserve Economy only)
  5. v4.0

    Changes with v4.0:
    - Added price restraints (by type + item filter) (suggested by @adamk523)
    - Added an optional transaction log which logs all sales in all auction rooms (suggested by @adamk523)
    - Added Auctioneer NPCs which can be spawned by players using /minebay spawnnpc for a configurable price (Citizens is required) (also suggested by @adamk523)
    - Fixed unbreakable items not being stored correctly (reported by...
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  6. v3.5

    Changes with v3.5:
    - Reverted back to api-version 1.13
  7. v3.4

    Changes with v3.4:
    - Updated to MrCore v2.0b8 (older versions won't work!), which fixes the item mapping bugs reported by @adamk523 alongside some other bugs
    - Implemented the suggestions by @adamk523:
    - Rooms now have black- / whitelists (depending on if the room is a private room), allowing the room owner to ban people or only allow specific people to sell stuff
    - Black- / whitelists can be managed in a GUI reachable through the room settings
    - Room...
  8. v3.3

    Changes with v3.3:
    - Updated to MrCore v2.0b7 (fixes the banner- & shield bugs reported by @adamk523)
    - Fixed the bug when selling items in the default room (also reported by @adamk523)
    - New features will be added in the next release
  9. v3.2

    Changes with v3.2:
    - Fixed an invalid import in the MrCoreBukkitImpl, causing the plugin to not load correctly
  10. v3.1

    Changes with v3.1:
    - Added support for MC 1.14
    - Updated to MrCore v2.0b3 (older versions won't work)
    - The back button is now hidden when user rooms are disabled (by @Art_NRG)
    - You can now add permissions to specify how many items a user can sell in default rooms (in the "room-perms" section) (by @Art_NRG)
    - You can now set rooms to "private" so only the owner can sell items in them (by @ajeje)
    - Fixed the bug that the GUI...
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