MineBuilder 0.1

Set custom exp amounts for mining and placing blocks and killing mobs

  1. Nordii
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    This Plugin adds the possibility to give custom set exp for every block placed or mined.

    You have the option to set an exp range where it selects a random value in between. Also, you can set how many times a specific block must be placed or mined to drop exp.

    You can also apply that to Entity Kills, beware though! Kill exp only gets calculated when a player kills it.

    How to use:

    As Player:

    1. Use /mbgetid and click on a block (right click for entitys)
    2. Use either
      1. /mbaddplace <minExp> <maxExp> <amount for exp>
      2. /mbaddbreak <minExp> <maxExp> <amount for exp>
      3. /mbaddkill <minExp> <maxExp> <amount for exp>
    3. Done

    As Server (not tested but should work):

    1. /mbaddplace <blockName> <minExp> <maxExp> <amount for exp>
    2. /mbaddbreak <blockName> <minExp> <maxExp> <amount for exp>
    3. /mbaddkill <entityName> <minExp> <maxExp> <amount for exp>

    Incase you edited a config file you can use /mbloadcfg.


    Code (Text):
    #Stop MineBuilder from calculating and setting the EXP
      break: false
      place: false
      kill: false
    #Setting these to false will opt for the default exp drops when no exp is specified for MineBuilder
    #This works even when disabled <event>: true is set.
      break: true
      kill: true
    #Number of blocks before the first placed block gives exp again (The last 400 blocks would not give exp when broken)
    protect-blocks-count: 400

    It has been little tested (only on 1.16.1), especially the WorldGuard support as I'm not using WorldGuard on my server.

    In case you're using the "protect-blocks-count", there is a way to bypass this and I'm not sure if I will do something to prevent this.

    It is planned to add a commands to edit the settings.yml currently you have to do it manualy.

    Please leave suggestions and bug reports on GitHub in the issues Tab.

    You are free to use the source code but please link to the repository!