Minecade Hub Plugin 1.5 Beta

Just like Minecade!

  1. Bezoya
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    About Hub Plugin
    Custom join messages just like Minecade!
    + Lots of features!



    Click here to see the proyct on GitHub.


    Bugs Found:

    - On the leave messages the comment bellow says Join message. (This doesn't affect the plugin functionality)



    YouTube videos:

    Any :(


    This hub plugin gives you features like:

    - Modify the Join and Leave message!
    -> You can modify users, vips, vips+ and staff !!!

    - Deny users from droping Items.
    -> For reducing laggg!

    - Deny placing or breaking blocks.
    -> No more WorldGuard!

    - Double Jump!!!
    -> BETA, but working :D

    - Disable rain.
    -> Reduces lagg!

    - Colour Armor.
    -> Fancy gadget :3 !!!

    - Glass Hat.
    -> Useless Hat


    Code (Text):

    # Hub - Config #
    # Designed and coded by: BySpooK #
    # Check out for more Updates on the Spigot page #

    # If you want to disable a message put "" #
    # Ex. TestMessage: '' #

    # Update on here!
    # http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/6608/

    JoinMessage: '&e%player% &7joined the hub.'
    # Default players join message.

    VIP-JoinMessage: '&f&l>> &e&lVIP &f&l%player% &7joined the hub.'
    # VIP's join message.

    VIP+-JoinMessage: '&f&l>> &e&lVIP+ &f&l%player% &7joined the hub.'
    # VIP+'s join message.

    STAFF-JoinMessage: '&f&l>> &c&lSTAFF &f&l%player% &7joined the hub.'
    # STAFF's join message.


    LeaveMessage: '&e%player% &7left the hub.'
    # Default players leave message.

    VIP-LeaveMessage: '&f&l>> &e&lVIP &f&l%player% &7left the hub.'
    # VIP's join message.

    VIP+-LeaveMessage: '&f&l>> &e&lVIP+ &f&l%player% &7left the hub.'
    # VIP+'s join message.

    STAFF-LeaveMessage: '&f&l>> &c&lSTAFF &f&l%player% &7left the hub.'
    # STAFF's leave message.

    # [DOUBLE JUMP] #

    DoubleJump: true
    # Enable DoubleJump?

    JumpPower: 2
    # Sorry not Working :( (Check out spigot, because i'm going to put it on the next version)

    JumpSound: true
    # Enable sounds on DoubleJump?

    JumpParticles: true
    # Enable particles on DoubleJump?

    DisableFallDamage: true
    # Disable the fall damage?

    # [UTILITIES] #

    DenyDrop: true
    # Deny players to drop items?

    DropMessage: '&9[Hub] &7You cannot drop items on the Hub!'
    # If DenyDrop is on true, the player will receive this message when he drops an item.

    DenyBuild: true
    # Deny players to build/break items?

    BuildMessage: '&9[Hub] &7You cannot build/break blocks on the Hub!'
    # If DenyBuild is on true, the player will receive this message when builds or breaks an item.

    DisableRain: true
    # Disable the rain?

    DisableHunger: true
    # Disable loosing Hunger?

    # Update on here!
    # http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/6608/


    Code (Text):

    - hub.messages.join
    - hub.messages.leave

    - hub.messages.leave.vip
    - hub.messages.join.vip

    - hub.messages.leave.vip+
    - hub.messages.join.vip+

    - hub.messages.leave.staff
    - hub.messages.join.staff

    - hub.extras.doublejump (Double Jump!!!)
    - hub.extras.color.chestplate (Gives a color animated armour when the player joins the server)
    - hub.extras.hat.glass (Gives a glass hat when the player joins the server)


    In next update:

    - Double Jump (Done in v1.4)
    VIP Particles.
    - /GM Shortcut
    - /Spawn + /SetSpawnPoint
    - Join Spawn.



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      Author's Response
      No he dicho que sea difícil hacerlo, solo que no hay ninguno en spigot asi.
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    Great Plugin
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