MinecartBlocks 0.2-beta

Change the Expierence of Minecarts with simply placing blocks under the rail.

  1. Geramy92
    This Plugin is outdated and will not be updated.


    With this Plugin you can change the behaviour of Minecarts. All Features and Blocks are configurable. So you can change which Block does which Feature.


    At this Time there are the following Features added:
    - change maximum speed, that a minecart can have
    - speed up the minecart with two factors (slow and fast)
    - eject the player
    - brake the speed of the minecart
    - stop the minecart instand

    Done in next Version:
    - a second brake factor

    Future and Information about beta
    Some of the Confignames are in wrong english because i am a german guy. This will be fixed in the later versions. This is only a beta. There will be added more features soon.
    - get nearest player in the minecart
    - kill everything which is near or on the rail
    - break the minecart
    - turn the vehicle 180 degrees without loss of speed
    - the minecart will be portet up or down to the next rail above or under the actual rail
    - station block (stops the minecart x seconds and after that speed up to the speed before stoping)
    - stop until a player is in
    - stop until a player is in it, when the player leaves the minecart it will be portet back to this block

    If you have more Ideas or Whishes or Bugs feel free to send it to me.

    put the jar in your plugin folder and edit the config.properties

    This Plugin is created for Bukkit/Spigot 1.8.7 or higher (It should work with 1.7.9, 1.8, 1.8.1 etc. too)

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  1. Bolean
    Version: 0.2-beta
    Pictures please
    1. Geramy92
      Author's Response
      on my plans i want to create a youtube video when i have implemented the version 1.0, is this okay?